Tutorial: a spring composition for 3 euros in 5 minutes

Tutorial: a spring composition for 3 euros in 5 minutes

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While waiting for the official arrival of spring, hyacinths, muscaris and daffodils invite themselves into our interiors to bring a breath of fresh air. Available in pots from any florist, these spring bulbs offer us their colors and fragrances for just a few euros. Quickly, follow our steps step by step to bring spring into your home!

© En Filigrane Bulbs in pots at low prices ...

Bulbs, recycled jars and a tablespoon

Growing spring bulbs on the living room coffee table does not require any special gardening skills, or even any specific equipment. Just collect glass jars, vases or jars of jams, arm yourself with a tablespoon and a little potting soil, and go rob the garden center or the florist next door. bulbs of muscaris, hyacinths or tulips in pots. Knowing that each scoop costs between 2 and 5 euros on average, you can therefore prepare 5 compositions for around 15 euros… Then sit on the kitchen worktop or on a large table, which you can possibly protect with paper newspaper if you fear earth stains.

© En Filigrane Soil, bulbs in pots, containers, a spoon and that's it.

Spring operation: 5 minutes flat

Then simply fill the containers with a little potting soil with the spoon, then remove the plants from their pots by holding them by the base and gently pulling. The small white roots, very decorative, can be delicately peeled down, but since it is an ephemeral composition this is not compulsory. It remains only to plant the bulbs in the container and add a little soil all around. Once the operation is finished, we sprinkle with a trickle of water ... There you go!

© En Filigrane From the soil to the bottom of the jars, we separate the bulbs from the pots and we plant!

We want bulbs everywhere!

Depending on your decorating desires, you can also wrap the jar in paper or burlap, add a raffia or masking tape ribbon or stick adhesive patterns on the jar ... These spring compositions last several weeks with a minimum maintenance: just remember to mist a little water from time to time to prevent the earth from drying out, and remove the wilted flowers as you go. And for maximum decorative effect, we accumulate the jars of hyacinths and muscaris on a small table, in front of the window or on the fireplace. Be careful however, hyacinths are very fragrant during their flowering and their smell can become heady if there are too many!

© En Filigrane What to do with hyacinth and muscaris bulbs?

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