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. Placo®, a solution for every room in the house! Sound insulation, thermal insulation, water or fire resistance, indoor air purification ... the range Placo® offers a solution for every room in the house. Recommended for bedrooms and living room, the plate Placo® Phonic, blue in color, divides the noise by two from one room to another. In children's bedrooms, the white Placo® Activ'Air® sheet permanently improves indoor air quality by reducing its formaldehyde concentration. In humid or unheated rooms, the Placomarine® plate, green in color, resists humidity. Finally, the pink Placoflam® plate is recommended to protect against the fire risk in the kitchen. Find your Placo® solution for every room in the house on With the Placo® Phonic plate, lower the sound throughout the house! Do you want your children to sleep peacefully while you watch TV in your living room? Reinforce the sound insulation of your rooms by covering them with Placo® Phonic sheets. Recognizable by its blue color, Placo® Phonic plasterboard cuts noise in half from one room to another compared to a standard sheet work. It is its heart of high density plate which allows it to dampen noise and thus significantly improve the acoustic comfort of a home. In living rooms such as the living room, the Placo® Phonic plate helps limit the propagation of noise in order to preserve everyone's tranquility in the home. Easy to install, this acoustic plasterboard can be applied to partitions, ceilings and frame linings, both new and under renovation. For more information, visit


. SOLID OAK FLOORING : This 100% solid oak floor has received a bleached finish based on vegetable oils and natural waxes. It gives the different rooms an authentic, contemporary and warm atmosphere while benefiting from natural insulation. Chêne Décors values ​​French wood and transforms it in France. Obviously, all of our products are PEFC certified. Present in the Great DIY Stores, it offers solid oak products for interior (floors, shelves, shelves, worktops ...) and exterior (deck boards, awnings ...). CUBES IN RAW SOLID OAK : Depending on their height and your imagination, you will find a multitude of applications: shelf support, stool, coffee table or side table, end of sofa plant stand, lamp, candle, decorative objects ... 3 dimensions in store: 9x9x9 cm - 19x19x19 cm - 24x24x45 cm… Chêne Décors enhances French wood and transforms it in France. Obviously, all of our products are PEFC certified. Present in the Great DIY Stores, it offers solid oak products for interior (floors, shelves, shelves, worktops ...) and exterior (deck boards, awnings, ...). DECOR OAK Tel 02 48 81 56 30 Site: // Contact: // Since 1994, Warmup has specialized in solutions for electric heated floor . With a global presence in more than 60 countries and more than two million installations worldwide, Warmup transmits its experience and international know-how at the regional level. Warmup has a diversification of its products and offers solutions adapted to each project: residential, public, collective, hotels and spas; indoors and outdoors. For renovation projects, there is a Warmup PFM electric underfloor heating system for direct laying on tiles. The Warmup STE is an electric heated floor specially designed for thermal comfort in bathrooms. It keeps the floor of humid rooms at a soft and pleasant temperature. The WLFH Warmup is an electric heated floor for floating floors. It is suitable for wooden or similar coverings such as laminated wood. This 2mm thick system can be installed under dry or wet surfaces. For new construction and heavy renovation projects, the Warmup CABLE and PRE are screed processes. RT 2012 compatible electric radiant heaters . The Warmup MAT is an electric heated floor solution ideal for regular-sized rooms. HEATER The Baudry family can now enjoy a comfortable bathroom thanks to the installation of an electric heated floor installed on WEDI ready-to-tile insulation panels. Recommended for laying directly under tiles, the Electric heated floor Warmup PFM is intended for renovation projects and adapts perfectly to tiling, ceramic and natural stone coverings. Advantages: - Comfortable: thanks to its low temperature operation, it is perfectly uniform and homogeneous - Healthy: no direct contact is possible with the heating elements, avoiding any risk of burns or asphyxiation - Easy and quick to install Heat conductive cable on fiberglass mesh with double flexible pressure adhesive Design: invisible system allowing additional space saving to decorate the home according to one's tastes For the parental bedroom as well as Léa's bedroom, it is a derivative of the application. The installation of glued wooden tiles is a derivative of PFM with a thicker patching of 1cm minimum which allows the glued installation of wood. REGULATION In order for the heating system to be as efficient as possible, it is recommended to use a thermostat to regulate the temperatures precisely. The Smart 4iE WiFi thermostat is compatible with central heating systems and electric or hydraulic heated floors. The connected 4iE WiFi thermostat automatically suggests ways to save energy. He will advise on the temperature to program if you are not at home and will indicate when you can turn the heating down or turn it off. Control the 4iE thermostat remotely to benefit from a minimum energy bill! Thanks to the MyWarmup application, regulate the temperature of your home via smartphone, tablet or computer! Advantages: - Remote pilot - Adjustable - Smart Control - Warmapps - Personalization of the wallpaper WARMUP Visit our website for more information : Or contact us by email at the following address: [email protected] SOCIAL NETWORKS Facebook // Twitter // Google + //


. WHITE AQUALINE SATIN DYED SATURN AND BESTIARY (Color Chart) AQUALINE VELVET WHITE AQUALINE PRINTED (UNDERCOAT) Naé velours Paint formulated with natural and bio-based components. In addition to being decorative, Naé paintings are respectful of the environment, health, and future generations. Indeed, these are formulated based on natural and bio-based components and combine technical performance and eco-responsibility. Thus, Naé paintings hardly reject C.O.V. and volatile materials, their impact on the environment is reduced, and a majority of the raw materials used in their production are renewable. Ecolabel certified in White and shades. AQUALINE EVO IMPRESS, SATIN, MAT, VELVET range Suitable for new and renovation works The sites can be carried out without interruption of the activity, Respect the health of the applicators and the occupants. AQUALINE EVO SATIN - VELVET Satin or velvety paint based on alkyd and acrylic resins in aqueous phase. Good covering and filling power Very good recovery time Exceptional glide Great whiteness Ecolabel certified in White and shades AQUALINE EVO IMPRESS Universal printing based on alkyd and acrylic resins in aqueous phase. Indoors and outdoors on common building supports, bare or coated with old adherent paints in good condition. Nourishes and blocks bottoms Exceptional gliding Can be recovered during the day Good covering and filling power C.O.V rate <1G / L Ecolabel certified in white and shades NEVADA Special matte paint without blocking and insulating tension based on polymerized vegetable oil treated with lime in solvent phase. Indoors for high-end finishing decoration. Blocking, insulating and tension-free Great whiteness, non-yellowing Exceptional opacity, without recovery Application Fresh in fresh Low odor UNISTOP WOOD EVO Multilayer paint based on satin alkyd resin for the protection and decoration of wood in solvent phase Good covering and filling power Microporous High flexibility of the film Fungicide protection agent Contains an anticorrosion pigment. // ROLLERS - SLEEVES: PERFECT TOOLS A good level of finish therefore depends on the quality of the paint but also on the application material. Because it is difficult to find your way among all the market references, 2 major French brands offer you a unique concept in France. 3 COLORS / 3 SLEEVES - 13MM WOVEN POLYESTER - 12MM WICK POLYAMIDE - HD MICROFIBER UNIKALO 1 Complete kit curtain rod Ø19-16mm extendable from 110 to 210 cm in metal . Included: 1 extendable Ø19-16mm rod, 2 decoration tips, 2 adjustable open supports, Screws. Characteristics: Wall plate height: 5 cm Width: 1.4 cm Distance from the wall to the rod: 9 cm to 14 cm Color: Matt Nickel Weight of the set: 940 g SECODIR Mail: [email protected] Web: www.secodir-deco and White republic , 100% pure linen, 570 g / m². The République collection reveals all of our know-how and expertise for 100% linen fabrics. It is since 1835 that we work the linen to make fabrics of excellence. This range will be used for many occasions: seat, curtains, sofa, wall covering, bag, shopping bag ... This linen has a thickness which gives it incredible resistance and flexibility, the upholsterers-decorators use it for making 'decorative items. Discover a linen fabric, noble, authentic and natural, which will give new life to your entire interior. LIN DE France Unique in its kind, "Lin de" is THE online store for linen, sold by the meter or as a finished product, 100% Made in France. "Lin de" is the property of the company LEMAITRE DEMEESTERE, weaver since 1835 in Halluin (59). The assurance of the direct link between producer and consumer. "Lin de" offers a wide range of upholstery and decoration fabrics, sheer curtains in 100% pure linen (or blend) in a very wide range of colors for sale by the meter. "Lin de" offers a "tailor-made" service for the production of curtains from selected fabrics, available between 15 and 21 days anywhere in France. For any further information, do not hesitate to contact us by email at the following address: [email protected] Site: // Product used in the program: //www.lindefrance. com / Republique-2184.r.html # ~ att_22: 275, type: PRODUCT, / natural-white-linen-fabric-at-meter.r.html Facebook: // Twitter: // Google+: // COORDINATES: LIN DE France Lemaitre Demeestere SAS 216 RUE DE LA LYS - CS 20159 - 59433 HALLUIN Cedex Tel. 03 20 69 96 04 [email protected] Wallpaper Madeleine de Proust Medium An original, graphic wallpaper, in the form of a book page of the famous novel by Marcel Proust "In search of lost time" Exists in several formats // -Medium OhMyWall Wallpaper // OHMYWALL 01 73 63 92 08


. Tray ST0901 HOUSE DOCTOR Site: // Postal address House Doctor Ps Industrivej 29 7430 Ikast Danmark The contact for the French market for all requests Eve [email protected] Dry bamboo rods, canes and rods for decoration and interior or exterior design.  BOBAMBOO Website: // Tel: 01 49 09 14 14 Mail: [email protected] Postal address: Bobamboo, 81 route de la Reine, 92100 Boulogne-Billancourt CYRILLUS Mail: // Postal address: Cyrillus 216 rue Winoc Chocqueel 59200 Tourcoing PRESS CONTACT Coralie Faucheur - [email protected] - Maureen Vanneste - [email protected] - Delicate bouquet with old-fashioned airs composed of wild roses with infused colors and made with tea bags in two colors, pink and beige . DIANE CORNU, creator of paper flowers Phone: 06 30 17 41 60 mail: [email protected] Social networks: Facebook Instagram: // @fleurs_papiers_ciseaux TwitterLinen cushion "Reserved place" // PASTEL GRAY Gris Pastel is a company specializing in the creation of decorative linen items. We mainly produce cushions decorated with patterns or inscriptions painted with stencils. Our "little extra" is the creation of personalized cushions, whether for children (birth, birthday ...) or for adults with wedding ring cushions. Several linen colors and a large choice of colors for the inscriptions make them unique objects. We also manufacture door sashes, placemats, storage pockets, as well as a range of accessories (bags, pouches, etc.). Our commercial coordinates: Site: Tel. : mail: [email protected] facebook: // Tassel wool blanket with a red band, a small wooden stool, 1 white duvet cover with red band + pillow, 2 wicker mats and a wicker ball suspension WIND OPPOSITE Site: Telephone: 04 91 33 76 66 or 06 01 04 57 79 Merchant site: Mail: [email protected] Address: vent contrary 29 rue Estelle 13001 marseille Facebook: catherine caussarieu Joséphine tray (ref 27943) Material: willow Dimensions: D35 x 1cm TABLE SIDE Charming tableware and decoration 1 rue Edmond Besse - 33300 Bordeaux Cedex 05 56 69 68 68 All the information available on


. Rattan armchair Aymé  Vintage rattan & metal armchair, basket shape, from the 60s. Typically retro, it will bring a vintage and Scandinavian touch essential to all decorations. We love: The comfort of its basket shape The intertwining rattan work, The lightness of the tubular base in black metal Its very 60's retro design Its pretty honey color. OWL MADE Facebook website: Instagram: Pinterest: address: 7 rue des primevères - 44330 Vallet Contact: Laure Collet - [email protected] - Mail: [email protected] TREE TABLE - Coffee table, made in "tree slice", on exotic wood legs, each piece is unique, legs and edge of the tray painted white. dimensions: h34cm x 30x35cm span for the tray. for the online store, count + € 11 shipping for metropolitan France. THE PERNOISE HOUSE // FACEBOOK: // PINTEREST: //www.pinterest. com / casalil / INSTAGRAM: // Custom-made dressing room for parents' room with decorative niches and a staircase cloakroom entry cabinet with bench. ID STORAGE Address: 51 boulevard des Batignolles 75008 PARIS Tel: 0143877303 Address: 13 avenue su general Leclerc 95650 BEAUCHAMP Tel: 0130407139 Site: Facebook: //


. Everest lamp base (ref 26536) Material: mango tree Dimensions: D28 x H114cm TABLE SIDE Charming tableware and decoration 1 rue Edmond Besse - 33300 Bordeaux Cedex 05 56 69 68 68 All the information available on HEMA - 91246 Round base wall lamp in MDF, with metal insert. Cotton FCH lampshade. Dimensions: H27.5 / D14 / D20cm. E14 / 40W incandescent max. Color: white cotton Also available in burlap PRC designer and manufacturer of lampshades and decorative lighting. Manufacturer of French lampshades in Bègles near Bordeaux (33) You can find our products in most DIY stores. Nature and Design lighting called ECLAIR, created by myself self-taught, in wood and concrete. It can be described as a "branch of bright wood", 100% artisanal and natural (Haute Savoie wood). It is a unique piece. No electric wire, works with battery which allows to be able to put it down and move it easily. to find on my site and on many other different models but all unique are available. OZCREATION Séverine PERREARD Tel: Address: 74000 Annecy HAUTE SAVOIE Site: Facebook:


. Wedi 610 polymer adhesive: to glue and seal 100% No need for sealing tape Multi-purpose polymer glue with single component, to glue and seal wedi panels together (bonding of joints). Elastic, resistant to chemicals. Solvent free, silicone free and PCP free. No other sealing treatment is necessary at the junctions. 310 ml cartridge Quality, clean, professional, THE construction panel wedi The wedi building board is much more than just a building material: in the hands of a specialist, it is a modern planning tool for bathrooms and tiled rooms. Fitting out with the wedi building board means for the project manager a certain economic return and for the user, simple work with a clean result. The wedi building board is light, very resistant, water repellent, thermal insulating and acts as a vapor barrier. Its surface structure forms an ideal support for tiling or plastering. The connector system, suitable for construction panels, is a first aid for assembly and, in combination with tile adhesive and reinforcing tape, ensures lasting junctions. On the walls, the wedi panel is installed in full, on battens or on a metal frame. In a single ultra-light and resistant element, it provides flatness and thermal insulation. It is to be tiled immediately and without primer. Thickness from 4 to 100 mm, dimensions 2500 x 600 mm or large widths 900 and 1200 mm. The wedi construction panel benefits from a CSTB Technical Notice n ° 9 + 13 / 14-1003, the latter allowing the wedi panel to be installed in establishments open to the public (hospitals, hotels, retirement homes, collective housing). // et // / accessories / wedi-610 adhesive-polymer / WEDI Site: Mattresses and Bedding LITERIE DU FAUBOURG 10 Rue Faidherbe 75011 Paris Open Monday to Saturday 10 a.m. / 7 p.m. Tel: 01 40 09 07 00 Mail: [email protected] Site: //


. Were presented: Curtains of gauze (pure hemp veil) Cushion covers (in pure hemp) Box spring cover (in pure hemp) Manufacturer of pure hemp linen (workshop in St Jean de Luz) HEMP COLOR On our website : and our shops: Boutique Paris 13 rue Ferdinand Duval 75004 Paris Boutique and showroom St Jean de Luz 202 rue des Artisans 64500 St Jean de Luz Vegetable duvets and pillows PBN CONCEPTEX 825, rue Marcel Doret • Bât. B7 Z.A. Marcel Doret 62100 CALAIS FRANCE Tel. 06 76 58 86 11 Fax 03 21 34 97 18 [email protected] Tassel wool blanket with a red band, a small wooden stool, 1 white duvet cover with red band + pillow, 2 wicker mats and a wicker ball suspension . WIND OPPOSITE Telephone 04 91 33 76 66 or 06 01 04 57 79 Site: Mail: [email protected] Address: vent contre 29 rue Estelle 13001 marseille Facebook: catherine caussarieu