6 grandmother's tips for keeping your bath towels soft

6 grandmother's tips for keeping your bath towels soft

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What could be nicer than getting out of the shower and wrapping yourself in a large, fluffy towel? You still need to know how to preserve the softness of your towels over the washings. Here are some grandmother's tips for keeping your bath towels soft.

The golden rule for towels that age well?

First of all, a golden rule: choose thick cotton towels in large format for more comfort! It all starts at the beginning: choose quality bath towels, they will make you feel good. In addition, before the first use, it is recommended to wash your new towels - a new towel absorbs less well!

Tip n ° 1: use your washing machine well - and your dryer for those who have one

Several rules to follow for towels that remain soft: *Low temperatures : avoid excessively high temperatures during washing and drying *Wash your bath linen separately : thus, it will not be damaged due to zippers or other buttons *The clothes dryer : those who are lucky enough to own a dryer should not hesitate a second; your towels will come out swollen, flexible and all soft! *The softener? : avoid fabric softener which will tend to remove absorbency to your towels - which would be a shame; prefer the alternatives listed below!

Choose low temperature cycles: ecological, economical and good for your laundry!

Tip # 2: baking soda

Why do your towels end up getting so rough? the fault - among others - of limestone! But did you know that baking soda deodorizes, revives colors and prevents the accumulation of lime - the famous? Add 1 to 2 tablespoons of baking soda to your bin before starting the machine. Unstoppable!

Tip 3: white vinegar

Exit the overpriced chemical softeners - and not that effective - we opt for white vinegar. For soft towels, we replace the softener with 2 tablespoons of vinegar, more ecological and more ecological, which we put directly in the tub of the washing machine. A timeless and effective grandmother's tip.

Tip 4: aloe vera

This natural ingredient so coveted for its moisturizing and soothing properties turns out to be a formidable softener for your towels. Grandma's tip? Soak her bath towels for 2 hours in a bowl of water with aloe vera (count about a spoonful of gel for a liter of water). You will find aloe vera gel very easily in pharmacies or organic stores.

Aloe vera, a plant with a thousand resources!

Tip # 5: glycerin

Mix in a container five tablespoons of glycerin (available in pharmacies) with around thirty drops of essential oil (orange, rose, grapefruit, according to individual tastes…). Finally, add mineral water or distilled water to the whole if you have some before stirring well. Your deliciously scented and homemade fabric softener is ready, you just have to pour it into the compartment of your machine.

Tip 6: lemon

Because this acidic fruit dissolves the ugly limestone which makes the towels rough and hard. We replace the chemical softener with lemon by pouring the fruit juice into the tank reserved for this purpose - the juice of a lemon will be perfect!


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