Tutorial: build a balcony nesting box for birds

Tutorial: build a balcony nesting box for birds

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What if we installed a shelter for birds in our garden? In spring, they will nest there while they can find refuge there in winter. A well-built birdhouse must protect from bad weather but also from potential predators, wild animals such as local cats! This is why the "balcony" version is perfect: the balcony prevents the cat from sliding its paw inside and makes it impossible for rats and white-lice to pass. Any intrusion is impossible and the eggs or nestlings remain safe from lusts. The balcony birdhouse is also a nice model that will find its place without problem in the yard or the garden.


- wood 1.5 to 2 cm thick, to be cut according to the diagram that you will find below. Choose a solid wood like pine to prevent it from swelling or twisting. Plywood is not recommended since it does not resist humidity - 2 hinges for the cover + 4 screws - 2 rings or jumpers to close the cover - 1 saw - nails and a hammer (or possibly screws and a screwdriver) - 1 drill - 1 scroll saw to form the hole in the front - 1 piece of string to block the cover - Sandpaper

Budget: 20 euros Duration: 1 hour Trick : for a more rustic effect, you can use reclaimed wood. In this case you can connect several pieces of wood to obtain the given measurements.


1. Cut the wood according to the diagram above.

2. Make the hole on the front part using the scroll saw and sand the edges of the opening with sandpaper. The diameter of the hole at the front of the cabin can vary depending on the species likely to nest there. Blue, black or crested tits are content with a 2.8 cm hole, but the great tit and sparrow need a larger hole (3.2 cm). If the neighborhood is full of starlings, a flight hole of 4 to 5 cm is even necessary! You can also drill the wood which will form the bottom to facilitate ventilation. It is useless to sand the walls, the roughness will on the contrary help the birds to grab onto the nest box.

3. Assemble the different parts by nailing them as in the diagram, then fix the cover using the hinges.

4. Attach the rings or jumpers so that you can close the cover with a string.

5. Then lightly oil the outside of the nest box with linseed oil to protect it from the weather. Avoid varnishing or painting, solvents and chemical compounds can repel birds and can even be toxic.


You just have to install the cabin in a quiet and sheltered place. Prefer a southeast orientation and a height of at least 2.5 meters. You can fix the nest box on a wooden post driven into the ground, on a facade or directly in a tree avoiding the proximity of forks or support branches which would facilitate the ascent of predators. If you choose to hang it in a tree, make sure not to injure it and insert a piece of wood between the nest box and the support branch so as not to "choke" the wood.

You just have to wait for the occupants! Do not worry if the nest box remains empty for some time, it takes a while for the birds to get used to the presence of a new element in their environment. You can then observe the ballet of the chicks and teach the children to recognize the different species of the garden. Stay at a safe distance so as not to disturb them, even if it means using binoculars, and resist the temptation to lift the cover to see the eggs or the nest, you risk running away prematurely from small occupants or their parents!


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