Which bedside lamp to choose?

Which bedside lamp to choose?

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Find the right shape

There are several types of bedside lamps. To choose the one that suits you, you need to analyze the space in your room and define the location that you will reserve for it. A table lamp on the bedside table remains a must. And it's the easiest solution! But nothing prevents you from betting originality with a suspension which alone gives the charm of the room. Otherwise, to save space, there is also the option wall light !

Each style has its own bedside lamp

Both functional and decorative, your bedside lamp will confirm the ambiance of your bedroom. The trick is not to stray too far from the style of the room. We stay for example in the same color code than the bedroom, unless the room is monochrome and you want to bet on a designer and colorful bedside lamp to bring a touch of originality. Either way, you will easily find a bedside lamp adapted to the style of the room : a bedside lamp with clean and minimalist lines for a modern look, a graphic and raw material model for a industrial spirit, a softly shaped lamp for a more feminine result or in vegetable fibers for a natural and scandinavian atmosphere…  

Adapted brightness

The bedside lamp will allow you to create a special atmosphere depending on its type of lighting. If the trend is towards bare bulbs, the lampshades are nonetheless recommended to reduce the intensity of light and promote sleep. The ideal is to opt for a bedside lamp with dimmer, to adapt the brightness to your activity: more intense for reading or knitting, weaker for chatting before falling asleep or for creating a more intimate atmosphere !

The choice of bulb for the bedside lamp

Choosing the right bulb is also essential for adjusting the intensity of the light and creating a more or less warm atmosphere. For soft lighting in the room, opt for a bulb of about 15W, ideal for a reading corner next to the bed. Also bet on LED for a cozy and zen atmosphere in the room. The advantage is that these bulbs do not overheat, do not contain toxic products unlike other bulbs, are more easily recycled but above all they allow to make considerable energy savings ! What more ?

The right location for the bedside lamp

Once your bedside lamp has been carefully chosen, all that remains is to find the ideal location in the room. To have enough light for your evening reading while keeping the lighting subdued, the trick is to position your bedside lamp on a piece of furniture about 10 cm from the bed and about 40-60 cm above the mattress. Not really complicated and rather brilliant, is it?

How to highlight it?

If you want to be more original, there are many decorative alternatives to enhance your bedside lamp. We think for example of diverted objects like a swing which can be used as a bedside table and which allows the installation of a bedside lamp and lanterns. You can also create your own accent lamp! We imagine for example, a light bulb attached to a rope that you wrap and hang around a wooden square. It also works with a light string ! You just have to show imagination…


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