Choosing the right table for a small kitchen

Choosing the right table for a small kitchen

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A small kitchen table to hang on a wall

If you do not have enough space in your kitchen to install a large dining table but you like to receive, you can opt for a very ingenious solution: the small table to hang directly on a wall, a bar or an island. It has only one or two feet and attaches directly to the wall, just to clutter up the space!

A table for small round kitchen

Your kitchen is not huge but you still want to place a table there to take your meals and receive guests? The round table can be an excellent compromise: when it is small, it really occupies a minimum of space, and you can turn around without risking bumping!

Even the smallest models can accommodate at least 4 chairs, so don't hesitate!

A table for small kitchen in bar mode

You have a small kitchen you want to set up in a 100% friendly place? What if you turned it into a bar? To do this, you have 2 options:

  • You can either opt for a high table (like a snack table), much less bulky than conventional dining tables, and which you will come to complete with bar stools of your choice.
  • You can also choose to install a countertop, fixed to the wall, in the width of your choice. Thus, you create a nice little corner by freeing up a maximum of space in the rest of the kitchen.

A folding table

The folding table is truly THE ideal solution if you have a small kitchen and want to optimize the space as much as possible. Indeed, thanks to its flaps, you can modulate it as you wish ... until it disappears when you don't need it. Definitely the ally n ° 1 of small spaces!

A table-bar

Manufacturers no longer lack imagination to furnish small spaces. So, if you like to use your kitchen as much to cook small dishes and sit down as to prepare cocktails and enjoy good glasses, do not take the lead, and opt for a table-bar: many models are marketed with built-in storage so you can store glasses, utensils and more… and again, save as much space as possible.

A folding table

Folding tables are also an excellent alternative for small kitchens: thanks to a system that is often located in the center or at the level of the table leg, they can fold and deploy three movements in two stages. So, when you need it, you simply unfold your table and place it in the kitchen; but when you no longer need it and you want to free yourself of space, presto, you fold it up and put it against the wall so that you can move more freely around the room. Practice not?