How to choose the right bohemian chic rug?

How to choose the right bohemian chic rug?

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The bohemian carpet, a carpet that rhymes with softness

The number one role of a carpet in an interior is obviously to provide comfort and warmth in the room of the house in which it is installed. But depending on the type of carpet, the atmosphere will not be the same.
And precisely, the interest of bohemian rugs is that in addition to furnishing a room, they immediately bring a touch of escape and change of scenery; like windows to the outside, without having to move from your sofa!

A round bohemian chic carpet with fringes

The round rug is THE ideal rug format for adding a touch of softness to a living room or bedroom. With its soft shape, its pretty fringes and its mandala-inspired patterns, this rug brings a soft bohemian atmosphere ... but also elegance and a cozy side! You can place it in isolation to enhance it in a room, or use it to put a side table or a small piece of furniture.

A bohemian chic Berber carpet

Inspired by the East, the Berber carpet takes over the living room or bedroom to be reinterpreted in a very contemporary style. We love its warmth, its ethnic influence, its soft tones: a real invitation to travel!
But for an extra touch of pep's, know that you can also find very colorful Berber carpets, with folk patterns that will bring you directly to the Orient!

A graphic bohemian rug

A graphic model with black and white hues very easy to match with a contemporary, industrial or Scandinavian style. Its design and its well worked diamond patterns will give a sacred style around the sofa. We love its ethnic spirit while simplicity.

Vintage bohemian rugs for the outdoors

Do you have old, slightly worn bohemian-style fringed rugs that you cannot throw away but that are no longer new enough to be displayed in your living rooms? What if you gave them a second wind by putting them in your garden, superimposed on each other? This will give a little oriental side to your exterior, and above all it will hide their imperfections!

A bohemian shaggy rug

With its large wicks that make it ultra-thick and ultra-comfortable, the shaggy carpet immediately makes you want one thing: take off your shoes, socks, and walk on it barefoot just to wrap yourself in a halo of softness ... A bohemian carpet to place in any room of the house (even if it meets a great success in the living room, under the coffee table), and to accessorize with a cozy and refined decoration to enhance it.

A bohemian rug in natural fibers

To bring a bohemian and natural atmosphere to your home, opt for a bohemian or even hippie rug: the rug in natural braided fibers. Authentic and raw, this type of carpet looks particularly good with a natural decor: light wood furniture, soft and simple materials ...

A bohemian carpet of Scandinavian inspiration

Bohemian rugs can also make us travel north! The proof with this carpet in the purest Scandinavian style: triangles for the geometric side, pastel shades for color, and a very comfortable material for softness!

A bohemian faux fur rug

Very soft and could not be more decorative, the faux fur rug is perfect for a bohemian chic decor. Made of faux sheepskin (or whatever the animal!), It immediately gives your interior a little wild side ... but all in subtlety and delicacy.