How to put my sticker?

How to put my sticker?

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As DIY or a decoration lover, the installation of the sticker is not obvious for everyone. Dé explains how to stick this adhesive accessory in just a few minutes with 5 steps to follow. With the sticker, make your wall a pretty decorative touch with an impeccable finish!

Our 5 steps

1. Gather the material 2. Find the ideal place 3. Clean the support 4. Apply the sticker 5. Make it shine!

1. Gather the material for the installation of the sticker

We prepare as it should for the installation of the sticker with a small list of materials that make the task easier! You will need: * A sponge and a cloth, to clean the support and make the sticker shine * A pair of scissors * A pencil or a chalk, to trace the marking of the sticker before installation and make sure it is correctly installed * A squeegee or a credit card, to stick on like a pro

2. Find the perfect place

First of all, you have to find the best place to place your sticker. Children's room, hallway or office area, there is no restriction for adhesive designs other than a flat surface. For the wettest rooms like the bathroom, go to suitable models to prevent the classic sticker from coming off. In order to locate the places effectively, do not hesitate to simulate the installation of the sticker by positioning it here and there in your interior using tackant eraser (Patafix) for example. You will be able to realize the future result and thus confirm your choice.

3. Clean the support

For a perfect break, the support (wall section or piece of furniture) must be in good condition. We make sure it is smooth before cleaning to remove dust and roughness. * The surface is cleaned using a slightly damp sponge. * Then pass a clean cloth to dry and remove the last dust. * If the surface is still wet, it is preferable to wait for it to dry completely before starting to apply the sticker. On the other hand, we avoid using the sticker as a misery cover for walls that have significant damage such as holes, because the adhesive object will peel off quickly in addition to being improperly placed.

4. Apply the sticker

The sticker comes between two layers of paper. Before positioning it on the wall, rub it lightly so that the glue heats up. This facilitates installation and makes it possible to dissociate the sticker more easily. * We gradually remove the protection of the sticker (the layer that protects the adhesive part), in order to paste it little by little in the intended location. Start from a high point down to obtain a more comfortable position. * With the squeegee, the air bubbles located between the sticker and the wall are removed. This gesture is always done from the inside to the outside.

5. Make it shine!

Once the sticker is in place, remove the protective layer from the design. This is on the surface of the sticker - it protects it during transport and until it is stuck. For a perfect result, we make everything shine using a simple cloth quickly passed over the drawing. This little cleaning also removes any dust or small bubbles.


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