8 stylish library ideas for storing your books

8 stylish library ideas for storing your books

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1. The showcase library

In an office or even a living room, the glass bookcase always has a small effect; which is after all very logical, given that this piece of furniture has no equal in staging our works as rare pieces, even collectibles nicely displayed in their display case! In addition, glass bookcases, there are all styles: classic, but also industrial, retro, Scandinavian with color ... in short, whatever the atmosphere you want to create, you will find a library at your feet!

Well, obviously, for the rendering to be top, it is better not to forget the regular flick of the cloth on the windows, or to tidy up the works in the library.

2. The design library

The design library with niches has several advantages:

  • Already, its original super design form gives it character and instantly dresses any wall!
  • Then, thanks to the different sizes of the various niches which compose it, it is not restricted to being only a library; you can therefore also store vases, CDs, statuettes ... in short, whatever you want, and this so that it becomes more than a library but a decorative object in its own right in your room.

3. The metal bookcase

Do you have an interior decorated in an industrial style and you want a library that does not denote? No problem: choose a very simple black piece of furniture, either entirely in metal, or in a metal and wood mixture, a mix that perfectly suits the industrial decor.

The good decor idea? To avoid overdose of black, especially if you plan to align several metal bookcases side by side, do not hesitate to break the uniform side a little and slide a gold metal bookcase between two black models.

4. The XXL library

If you have a large amount of books to store, XXL library is made for you: both tall and wide, it includes shelves, niches and drawers so that you can display your favorite books (whatever their size: pocket books, medium books, comics ...), but also the decorative items of your choice. An impressive piece of furniture that always has a great effect!

5. The library with ladder

Do you have such a large collection of books that you would almost have to live in a real library to find your way around? In this case, do not hesitate any longer, and opt for a professional library: the bookcase with ladder on wheels, which will allow you to fuse like lightning between all your books to avoid wasting time looking for your volumes!

6. The library version fireplace

Here is a great decor idea if you are lucky enough to have a library in your home that you are not using: rather than leaving it empty and unoccupied, attach shelves (or not), and come and store books like if it was a classic piece of furniture.

The rendering is always superb, and this allows you, in addition to finding a space in which to store your books, to give usefulness to your fireplace!

7. Furniture revisited in the library

The good thing about books is that they can be stored as much as you want (horizontally, vertically, straight, leaning, etc.). This is why if you are looking for an original way to store your works, you do not have to limit yourself to a library or classic shelves: you can completely play the card of originality by storing your books on the thick bars of a large wooden ladder, or on a homemade indoor swing!

8. The vintage library

Want to give a nice retro touch to your living room with your library? Choose a vintage buffet bookcase : its pretty varnished wood will bring warmth and authenticity to the room, while its large deep niches will allow you to store your books, dictionaries, comics, and all the decorative items of your choice.


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