Dress up your bathroom with colorful accessories

Dress up your bathroom with colorful accessories

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You have been crying for several days every time you pass the door of this small white room that is your bathroom. You only have one desire: to revamp it. But a slight problem prevents you: you with a brush in your hands is much the same as a child with a jigsaw in his; it rarely gives good surprises. Do not despair ! Decorating your bathroom in style without getting wet is possible thanks to the colorful accessories. We tell you all about the colors to adopt according to the style you are looking for.

Pastel-colored accessories for a romantic bathroom

Already present in our interiors, pastel colors are ideal for a romantic bathroom. If you want a piece that is above all trendy, you choose blue, green or pastel pink accessories available on graphic patterns. If we prefer a 100% romantic room, we combine bathroom linen, rugs and pastel shower curtains with accessories in the Baroque style such as a large carved mirror.

Green accessories for a natural bathroom

The bathroom is the ideal place for a moment of relaxation. So, for our showers to become a real getaway in the heart of the woods, we opt for a color chart inspired by nature. We hang khaki towels on a nice wooden ladder, we decorate the sink with a soap dish and olive green storage boxes and we decorate the room, while making our laundry easier, thanks to pretty baskets braided. Do not hesitate to bring nature directly into the room and have some suitable green plants.

We create a natural bathroom by alternating colorful accessories and raw materials

Brightly colored accessories for a pop bathroom

Do you want to recharge your batteries? Pop style is your best ally. Mirror, bath mat, shower curtain ... dare the acid colors! To avoid saturating the room, we alternate colors, geometric patterns and retro-inspired accessories.