Kiisol, the company qualified in energy renovation and insulation

Kiisol, the company qualified in energy renovation and insulation

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In order to reduce heating bills, gain thermal comfort and anticipate future increases in the cost of energy, it is time to undertake energy saving work. It is therefore necessary to surround yourself with a professional renovation and insulation. In Occitania, Kiisol offers a sustainable and environmentally friendly global solution for all renovations. Since 2012, the family business Kiisol based in Portet-sur-Garonne has been renovating housing in search of energy savings. Specialist in renovation and insulation, Kiisol combines business ethics and respect for the environment to guarantee the best insulation at a minimum cost. Benjamin Bohbot, president of Kiisol, has surrounded himself with professionals experienced in energy renovation. The company now has 8 people: roofer, zinc worker, carpenter, drywall worker, "iteist" and electrician involved in energy saving projects in Midi-Pyrénées.

Noble products for lasting work

Kiisol specializes in mastering bio-based materials. The company is surrounded by renowned manufacturers such as Aldes (ventilation), Isover (glass wool), Isonat (wood wool), Igloo (cellulose), Parex Lanko (plaster, adhesive and mortar) and Velux.

Benjamin Bohbot explains "working exclusively with market leaders" whose products are of quality and respectful of the environment in order to guarantee a lasting renovation and insulation. Kiisol intervenes on all interior and exterior insulation works by all types of processes (roofs, walls, roofing), energy renovation, plastering, painting, roofing, VMC and Velux. The company also masters insulation from the outside with wood wool, a technique patented by Parex Lanko.

Recognized expertise

Kiisol's expertise and know-how are recognized: the company is qualified Qualibat and Qualibat RGE. Agreed by the Occitanie region, Kiisol accepts the Eco-Check accommodation set up by the region and indicates to its customers if they are beneficiaries of the ANAH, the tax credit and a reduced VAT to 5.5 % depending on the work undertaken.

Partner of the Pays Sud Toulousain (Objectifréno), SICOVAL (Rénoval), Engie and EDF. Always looking for improvement, the company is in the process of qualifying for the eco-artisan label. Contact : Kiisol Headquarters: 13 impasse Louise Michel, 31120 Portet-sur-Garonne Showroom: 37 bis chemin des palanques sud, 31120 Portet-sur-Garonne; by appointment only Tel: 06 10 93 70 09 Email: [email protected] Site: www.kiisol.fr


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