Editing tutorials: the Minion egg for Easter

Editing tutorials: the Minion egg for Easter

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Do It Yourself fever has contaminated the editorial staff of déco.fr! So for Easter, we improvise eggs inspired by the famous Minions from the film Moi, moche et méchant. Since they make our children laugh, we are 100% sure they will love to go hunting for these prank eggs in the garden.


You will need: - plastic surprise eggs - plastic movable eyes - glue (if your eyes are not self-adhesive) - a black marker - blue spray paint

The stages of decorating your Minion Easter eggs

1. Start by painting the bottom part of the egg and let it dry for a few hours.

2. Glue the plastic eyes with the superglue. One eye for the Cyclops version of your Minion.

3. Add the remaining elements such as hair, glasses or mouth to the black marker. Not only is the Minions cute, but it's also very simple to do!

In the end: an original Easter egg!

And There you go ! Minions invade your garden, take care that they do not do too much nonsense there. Other ideas gleaned from Pinterest to decorate your Easter eggs!

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