3 ideas to perfume your curtains in a natural way

3 ideas to perfume your curtains in a natural way

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A cocktail of plants to perfume the curtains

Nature delicately scents the curtains in the bedroom  

Lavender, mint, laurel or rose, the varieties of plants are numerous and each of them brings various benefits to our interior. We therefore do not hesitate to prick a few herbs in the kitchen or in the garden to create a cocktail of scents. Sage and lavender repel parasites while mint and rose petals intoxicate textiles with a refreshing scent. Mixed with lukewarm water, these ingredients simply spray on the curtains to embalm them. A recipe to vary according to your desires, adding more or less flowers. But you can also opt for ready-made room fragrances!

Essential oils to perfume your curtains

A concentrate of essential oils for thick curtains in the living room  

More concentrated, essential oils make excellent interior scents. There are all kinds in the trade since they treat many ailments, such as cold sores or respiratory problems. Essential oils are used sparingly: one to two drops are enough to effectively perfume an interior. They are diluted in a spray bottle filled with water before scattering the curtains.

A fruity scent for your curtains

Fruity smell for living room textiles  

Mandarin, orange or lemon: citrus fruits also reveal their olfactory power for our greatest pleasure. In love with these tangy fragrances, know that the peels of these yellow fruits are perfect for creating interior scents. On the same principle as plants or essential oils, they mix with water - boiling this time, to deliver their essences. For a softer result, add one or two pieces of vanilla bean before spraying the set on the curtains: gourmet fragrance guaranteed!