5 tips to make your bathroom a 4-star space

5 tips to make your bathroom a 4-star space

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The bathroom is THE room for well-being, where you can finally find some time for yourself. It is also the theater of morning comings and goings, generating crowds and traffic jams… To transform this space into a pleasant and organized cocoon, here are 5 tips to make your bathroom a 4-star space, with a small budget. What recover a few precious minutes in your morning routine and enjoy a good relaxing bath in a cozy and pleasant decor.

1. Start with a big tidying up and cleaning

We all dream of a bathroom like in magazines, with a refined decoration and which always remains tidy. But in practice, we gradually accumulate beauty products, shower gels, shampoos and accessories of all kinds whose "clutter effect" adds to the decoration. To have a better vision of the space and an idea of ​​the amount of storage that you will need, we start by making space by the vacuum by sorting: - throw away everything that is not used or more, - gather everything that you need daily, to be able to store them close at hand, - put aside everything that can be used for decoration: a collection of pretty soaps, bath salts, beautiful linens ... Take advantage of everything is clear to clean thoroughly and make everything shine. And if the fittings are too worn, why not consider changing them? A new tap, a shower column or simply a new shower head can radically change the mood of your bathroom and make each use more pleasant.

2. Rethink the organization of your bathroom

To keep a tidy bathroom in the long term, we completely rethink the organization so as not to fall back into our old ways. Keep storage close at hand for what you use daily. If many of you use the bathroom, divide the spaces and use matching storage boxes. Everyone can organize the space dedicated to them at their convenience (and if there is a mess, it will remain in the box!). Store your stock and the products and accessories that you do not use regularly in closed storage. You can use the interior of the doors to place a practical storage for the hair dryer or a straightening iron. Keep only the essentials in the shower. In addition to loading the part visually, too many bottles can promote the appearance of mold. For more storage space, turn away from small kitchen furniture: a splashback bar becomes the ideal support for shower gel bottles. You can also use the back of the door with a towel rack or pockets for more storage. And if your bathroom is small, there are many solutions to optimize the space.

A credenza bar in the bathroom and voila!

3. Bring new light

You may have already noticed: with just different lighting, the same room can seem transformed! Light is particularly important in a bathroom, where a line of eyeliner will require precision lighting while we prefer a more subdued atmosphere for a bath. The solution ? Multiply the light sources. For perfect lighting, opt for a light mirror or prefer spotlights, which will make you look better than the light from a ceiling lamp. A rule of thumb: avoid neon lights which will give you a pale complexion. Prefer "daylight" bulbs for good lighting, especially if you don't have a window allowing light to enter! In addition, use mood lighting. You can for example choose Led light strips, which have the advantage of being modern, economical and easy to install. And why not opt ​​for a model that allows you to change the color of the light? The opportunity to get a chromotherapy effect to relax, and to be able to adjust the lighting to suit your mood!

Think about the lighting around the bathroom mirror!

4. Put a good mood in the shower!

Let's be frank: who likes Monday mornings? So, to face the gloom of the new work week that is coming, why not start the day with a song in the shower? A simple radio can transform your mornings and allow you to leave your smartphone sheltered from the ambient humidity of the bathroom. From simple shower radios to waterproof enclosures built into the walls, there is something for all tastes and budgets. A gadget that will also allow you to broadcast relaxing music to get away from your everyday life, with each bath. Good mood effect guaranteed!

5. Complete your decoration with your personal touch

Difficult to decorate its decoration with some pretty pieces when there is already a lack of space in the bathroom! The solution: use small storage spaces that bring their decorative touch while optimizing space. You will be able to place in evidence all the pretty accessories and products that you had put aside during your storage. Place all your bath accessories on a small shelf for a spa atmosphere. Bath salts, a very cozy little towel and why not a plant for a touch of greenery. Also remember to match your bathroom linen. You would be surprised to discover how the style of the bathroom can be transformed with this simple change! And if you have the impression that the splashback or the apron of the bathtub clash with your new decoration, think of the stickers! Very simple tips, but one that changes our lives every time we go into the bathroom!


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