3 healthy cooking times

3 healthy cooking times

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Health also plays out behind the stove. With water, stew, barbecue or frying pan: not all cooking methods have the same impact on the taste and nutritional quality of food. To cook without harming your health, you pass healthy cooking on the grill. Selection.

Cooking with gentle steam

Great darling of dieticians, cooking with gentle steam is the one that best preserves the taste and nutritional quality of food. The champion of healthy cooking is her! First advantage of cooking with gentle steam: its temperature which rarely exceeds 80 ° C. Thus cooked, vegetables, fish and white meats do not undergo (or little) alteration. Vitamins, trace elements, mineral salts, flavor, texture and colors are kept almost intact, provided that they are not exposed to overly long cooking. The vegetables should be crisp and cooked "al dente", no more no less. Besides being a healthy method, cooking with gentle steam is easy. Just place the food in a perforated basket hanging above the water in its stainless steel pot and voila. Water, transformed into steam under the effect of heat, cooks food while respecting its vitality. The Dutch oven can also be replaced by more specific or sophisticated cooking appliances such as the classic couscoussière, the vitaliser or even the bamboo steam baskets. Anything is possible, provided that the water vapor acts gently and without excess. Last but not least, cooking with gentle steam requires little or no addition of fat… enough to be reconciled with the scale.

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Muffled cooking

Another method appreciated by dieticians, stewing has the advantage of preserving the mineral salts and vitamins in food. A beneficial method of cooking therefore, on the condition also that the temperature and the cooking times are reduced to their maximum. Simmered over low heat in a thick-walled cast iron casserole dish with an airtight lid, the food cooks in its own juice, exhaling the taste, flavors and charm of good dishes simmered by grandma. As long as the cooking temperature is low (70 ° C ideally) and constant, the original and natural qualities of vegetables, legumes, cereals, meats and fish will be preserved and better assimilated by the body. Simple, fragrant and tasty, steaming is suitable for beginners as well as blue ribbon. The budding Top Chefs will not fail to test the Moroccan version of the stew cooking by making a good tagine as there in a traditional terracotta dish. Of course, who says healthy cooking says healthy cooking… To make your dish as healthy as your cooking method, avoid excess oil, sauce and fat.

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Cooking in foil

More controversial, baking does not always respect the vitality of food. Indeed, exposed for a long time to high temperatures, vitamins, enzymes and minerals quickly… go up in smoke! Cooking in foil, a variant of stewing but in the oven, remains an interesting alternative. Cooked in a steamer in their foil, the foods retain their flavors and nutritional qualities. Aromas and tenderness guaranteed! To limit nutritional losses, make sure to set the oven temperature to 120 ° or 150 ° C. To speed up the cooking time, another trick is to staple the foil or tie it with string to better retain the steam. The use of marinades also makes it possible to reduce the cooking time by precooking the flesh. If nutritious, cooking in foil is also dietetic. White meats, fish and seafood cooked in foil happily do without fat, preferring by far to associate with vegetables, aromatic herbs, spices, herbs and citrus juices ... In short: all the big favorites of dieticians. Perfect for keeping healthy! To avoid ingesting neurotoxic aluminum salts, don't forget to replace the aluminum foil with parchment paper or better (for gourmets!) With brick foil ... Your papillotes have not finished packing your friends!

A little oregano and a few spices are enough to spice up salmon steaks cooked in foil. It's healthy, good, rich in omega 3!


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