Practical solutions for hanging out your laundry

Practical solutions for hanging out your laundry

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Wash and hang up the laundry to make ironing easier ... Each week, the same refrain comes back. But the advantage we have compared to our grandmothers is that today, the clothes line has diversified to adapt to all types of house: small spaces, with or without a garden. So no more complicating your life! We surround ourselves with the accessories best suited to our home sweet home. Overview of the most popular clotheslines.

Hanging out your laundry in the garden

Without a doubt, the most effective solution is to dry your laundry in the fresh air because the sun and the wind speed up the process considerably. In addition, we have a larger space accommodating a much larger amount of clothes, sheets, towels. For the lucky ones who have a garden, the ideal is to use a stable clothes line and having multiple leaves, or to use the traditional posts between which one aligns several wires of galvanized iron, hemp or nylon. There are now design versions of this clothes line like tree-shaped posts for a more harmonious garden.

Good ideas for hanging your laundry on the terrace or on the balcony

If you have a balcony or terrace, you might as well use it to hang up the laundry and avoid cluttering the house. The extendable dryer remains the favorite of these small outdoor spaces. Attached to a wall, this solid support unfolds and folds as needed. Most ? It does not interfere with the aesthetics of the terrace or balcony because once folded, it can be forgotten. The extra drying rack that attaches to the inside edge of the balcony is also very practical: light and easy to store.

Space saving mission inside

When hanging your laundry should be done in the house, necessarily, we put on practical and discreet driers so that the bathroom or another room is not constantly invaded. Among the solutions that do not obstruct circulation in the room, there is the ceiling light or the retractable dryer. The first is a system of fixed pulleys or suction cups which allows, after having spread the laundry, to raise the whole of the drying rack to the ceiling for less bulk. The second hangs discreetly on a wall of the bathtub. An advantageous location to prevent drops of clothing from moistening the floor. Other foldable models are also to be taken into consideration: the bridge dryers which are installed in the bathtub.


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