Live small, wake up big

Live small, wake up big

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This is your last challenge of the year: organize New Years Eve in your small space. And beware, we are not talking about the badly tied New Years Eve party where everyone returns to their home before the time of the last metro but rather THE New Year's Eve party. A few decorative tips and an ounce of organization should be enough to carry out your ultimate mission. Follow the guide…

1 / Declutter space

First step: preparing the battlefield. Traffic must be fluid and the footprint of furniture and objects reduced. Push sofas, armchairs and coffee tables as far as possible and move trinkets, vases and other fragile objects under the bed. 35 people in a 30 m2: it fits ... at ease!

2 / Organize a cocktail reception rather than a dinner

No question of spending the New Years Eve party behind the stoves of your XXS kitchen ... To welcome your friends in a party atmosphere, the cocktail reception is essential. A buffet table positioned against a wall, trays of sweets to peck upright (and with your fingers) and an open-bar area are indicated to save space ... on the side of the dance floor!

3 / Opt for minimalist furniture

To provide a few extra seats without cluttering the space, think of floor cushions or poufs. And to put down your glass before joining the dance floor, no need to add a counter bar to your studio, a few pieces of TRAP sofa will do the trick.

4 / Bet on an ephemeral wall decoration or in suspension

No question of overloading your two decorative pieces. Pennant garlands, lights, balloons and other ephemeral party decorations will find their place on the wall or ceiling. So the dance floor remains clear for revelers who dare to sing loudly "Ha! What are we tight at the bottom of this box, sing the sardines, sing the sardines!" 5 / Adopt furniture functional… Modular, extendable and / or two-in-one furniture saves a few square meters on the space dedicated to the party. Demonstration with the extendable ELAU console which unfolds in the blink of an eye to accommodate toast, verrines, petit fours and mini-quiches. Finally, we do not forget to take care of our playlist and warn our neighbors. Let the festivities begin !

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