Spanish Inn style decor

Spanish Inn style decor

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We still remember: the Spanish Inn by Cédric Klapisch left an impression. Romain Duris played an Erasmus student there, who left for a year to share with 7 foreigners in Barcelona. A role which gave the desire to more than one to take his clicks and his slaps to find himself in his turn in an apartment with mismatched decor, lively and very melting-pot. And if we plunge back into this exotic and warm decor of an XXL roommate? Let's go !

The decor of an Erasmus roommate: instructions for use

In the Klapisch Spanish Inn, each roommate is from a different country. We imagine then for the living room, the common place par excellence of the apartment, a multicultural decoration where objects from the four corners of Europe, or from the four corners of the world are juxtaposed: African sculpture, paintings by Berlin artists, vases Greeks rub shoulders on the walls and on the shelves without complexes. But in this place where meetings, exchanges and conviviality are the key words, there is no question of doing without a large convertible corner sofa if possible, a few poufs and armchairs to accommodate family and friends and a coffee table, great essential for aperitif time. It is also better to have a large table where a parade of specialties will be welcome during the festive evenings!

A palette of warm colors for a welcoming and warm atmosphere

Finally, to stay faithful to the Catalan apartment where the character camped by Romain Duris goes to live, we put on colors that display the good sunny mood specific to Barcelona. Red, yellow or orange are in the spotlight in this decoration which goes from the curtains to the sofa, passing by the wallpaper of the walls or the carpet. Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"


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