The installation of wallpaper with frieze

The installation of wallpaper with frieze

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Cleanliness first

To properly install the wallpaper, work with clean, suitable tools and avoid glue smudging as much as possible - or wipe it off immediately with a damp cloth. Wash your hands as often as necessary to avoid leaving traces on paper or paints that are always difficult to erase afterwards.


They allow, as here, to evoke the old wood coverings, that is to say the paneling with ice, with small or large frame, with moldings of picture rail and cornice (one has recourse, in the present case , with two different but coordinated types of friezes). They are sometimes simply used along the plinth or for an astragalus pose (the paper is interrupted at a certain distance from the ceiling and surmounted by a frieze), the top of the wall being painted like the ceiling, to give the impression of a lower height. But it is in children's bedrooms that friezes today find their main use. They are colorful and decorated with various patterns, which brightens up the room.

Tools & materials

• Gluing table
Spirit level
Bristle brush
Scraper spatula
Cloth (or sponge)
Tray (for glue)
Metallic ruler
Glue wallpaper
Glue for frieze

Glue and glue

Use a universal powdered wallpaper glue. Prepare it by solution in water, respecting the proportions recommended by the manufacturer. Stir well and continuously, while pouring the glue, and let stand for a few minutes. The manufacturer indicates the number of rolls of paper that you can glue with the package, which allows you to calculate the number of packages that you need to buy. Use a glue brush to spread the glue from the center to the edge. Let the paper soak for a few minutes. Then fold the top and bottom of the strip towards the center without pressing the fold. This will allow you to easily carry the strip to display it.

Dimensions of friezes

Their width is very variable and their length is most often 5 or 10 m. Know-how © La maison rustique - éditions Flammarion, 2005


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