Ideas for using letters in decoration

Ideas for using letters in decoration

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Let the walls speak! When facades play on words and steal letters from the alphabet, they set the tone and affirm the character of the house. Here are some ideas for adopting this trend. Wooden letters, metal letters, stickers, cushions, linen, candles, street signs ... Since the alphabet is displayed on many accessories, let's use it to personalize the house!

Call parts and accessories by name

What if we personalized the rooms in the house? On the bedroom door, metal or wooden printing letters are hung. To give an industrial style to the kitchen, we put on steel letters to fix or put on a piece of furniture indicating "kitchen" or "cuisine" of your choice. Also in the same room, we choose jars with the ingredients salt, pepper and pasta on them, to make our lives easier, but above all to make them more decorative. In the bathroom, rather than choosing a basic coat rack to hang towels and bathrobes, we choose it with the letters B, A, I, N as hooks. Other decorative ideas are also possible: "news" written on the magazine rack or aligned characters indicating the corner "office".

One word, and the atmosphere is created

A single word is enough to announce an atmosphere. NYC, rock, art, workshop, cinema, loft, sea ... are so many examples that reflect the personality of the inhabitant. To create a warm atmosphere, we assemble the letters of "welcome" side by side in the entrance. You can also have a "welcome" mat. If you are romantic at heart, opt instead for letters, stickers or candles forming the words "love" or "dream" in the living room or bedroom. As for children, we favor accessories on which are inscribed the words "princess", "pirate", "adventure", according to their universe… Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"