Chic it's Saturday: going banana!

Chic it's Saturday: going banana!

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If there is one question that I never ask myself, it is this: how am I going to transport my banana today? But it seems that I am finally disconnected from the problems of part of the world population since, given the number of solutions deployed, this is one of its major daily concerns.

Banana Bunker

I know what you are thinking, but no, this is not a family planning information campaign. It's the Banana Bunker, a flexible banana case that protects it from knocks and compression. The very simple concept is modeled on that of straws: part of the plastic accordion adjusts to the length of the banana and adapts to its shape. Banana Bunker exists in several colors in addition to the transparent model: green, pink, yellow, orange and blue.

The Banana Guard

Banana Guard has had tremendous success since its release. Less flexible than the Banana Bunker, it is also more rigid to better protect the bananas! According to the manufacturer, you can slightly twist your banana so that it fits into the box regardless of its shape. Or you can also take it with you during your races to try to bring in all the bananas before choosing your diet ... Available in lots of pop colors. The brand also offers boxes for other types of fruit.

The banana case seen by David Dos Santos

You will be hard pressed to find the case created by designer David Dos Santos for Chiquita. This 2011 novelty does not seem to be marketed yet. The look is very successful, it is by far my favorite! The banana apparently "clips" inside thanks to the flexibility of the plastic.

Vacuvin's banana box

Vacuvin has also embarked on the race for the best banana case. Another concept, the slightly flexible box accommodates any form of banana and flattens completely for easy storage once the fruit has been consumed. It also contains a knife to peel the banana more easily.


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