Design lamps to ask for less than 80 euros

Design lamps to ask for less than 80 euros

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1.Black striped wicker lamp Pianosa Castorama 40.72 € 2.Lamp design blue paint DéclickDéco for sale on La Redoute 24.30 € 3.Lamp design crystal / metal Beline Kosilum 75 € 4.Lamp Dalu Vico Magistretti Artemide 80 € 5 .Lamp design black Olimpia Miliboo 59 € 6.Touch lamp chrome and black Medes Castorama 28.01 € 7.Lamp design Ideal Lux 58.20 € 8.Lamp magma design blue Amazon 39.80 € 9.Lamp to place on Rod Copper Jurassic Light stand 80 € 10.Mimosa Drawer metal design table lamp 31.90 €

Design for everyone

So difficult to find a few years ago at affordable prices, design lamps are flourishing today in many stores and their prices are democratizing. Contrary to popular belief, not all designer lamps are unaffordable. If you take a closer look, know that you can buy designer lamps for less than 80 euros from small publishers like Artemide or Jurassic Light. The big decoration brands are also developing models that elegantly use design codes, at a low price.

Design lighting in every room

Design lamps are no longer confined to a single room but travel through the house, from the entrance to the bedroom through the living room and the office area. Clean and with flowing lines, they are made of raw or precious materials such as steel, driftwood, brushed metal or even glass which allows a game of transparency. They can also display unusual shapes or be fitted with LED lighting to change the color as desired.


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