Fun switches for the kids' room

Fun switches for the kids' room

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Because children spend more than half their time in their bedroom, you have done everything in your power to create a playful universe that resembles them, and in which they will thrive. However, one detail escapes this meticulous decoration: the switch. So why not customize this functional object to make it a decorative accessory? Increasingly in vogue in our interiors, the range of playful switches is extra large and its prices are low (less than 30 € per switch). A quick overview of a selection for girls and for boys.

A poetic switch for them

From an early age, girls are concerned with detail. Whatever the size of the decorative accessories, the important thing is that they are poetic and harmonious for their room. To white switches without interest, they will undoubtedly prefer switches of flowers, princesses, stars, fairies, delicacies or butterflies of the color of their choice.

A funny or sweet switch for them

Do your little ones love adventure? Choose to bring the final touch to their playground: switches that become fun. Inspired by a pirate, ocean style or racing car, the little ones can only approve of these original switches. For the bedrooms of babies and toddlers, still lulled by softness, we rather choose bear or animal switches . This is a touch of tenderness that will not go unnoticed. Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"