Tadelakt atmosphere in the bathroom, like in Morocco… Get inspired!

Tadelakt atmosphere in the bathroom, like in Morocco… Get inspired!

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The bathroom will never again be a purely functional space where you only stop for a quarter of an hour. On the contrary, if you let yourself be tempted by a decoration of "A Thousand and One Nights", you will love lounging there, relaxing, soothing yourself, taking care of your body as in a hammam. In your bathtub, you will be disoriented as in an oriental dream ... For a Moroccan bathroom: - It is imperative to use the technique of tadelakt . You know, this natural coating made of lime from Marrakech that is found in hammams, riads and Moroccan palaces. Difficult to install without learning, you can still find materials and coatings which are similar to them, easier to apply and whose rendering remains similar. With this particular coating, you can associate earthenware or mosaic with typically oriental geometric patterns. - Regarding the colors, you will obviously opt for shades of the sun : yellow, red, orange. - In terms of decorative objects, think of vases, small hammered iron containers, and small iron or glass vials to put your essential oils for example. - Your little extra furniture wrought iron elegantly accompany the whole as your lamps, lanterns, tealight holders, screens and openwork iron mirrors that will recall the traditional Arab architecture of the moucharabieh. - To accentuate the hammam side of your Moroccan bathroom, you can also have small indoor fountains here and there. Get inspired!


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