Deco and retro music

Deco and retro music

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Sometimes nostalgia invades us and we would like to take a leap in the past to find precious memories! Often, it is an air of music, a song, which reminds us of an era, an instant, of sensations. We excavate an attic and find old vinyls and our carefully recorded audio cassettes. While hunting in the flea markets, we fall in love with an old period radio and a gramophone for our living room. In a bar where we go out, we discover a jukebox and it's all our small change that makes our favorite music resonate. Here is a selection dedicated to retro music to bring up to date at home!

Look retro!

Strolling flea markets in flea markets and garage sales is the best way to find vintage musical objects! You will undoubtedly discover what to decorate your decor and give that retro and warm touch to your interior.

Decorate your interior with musical objects

If you do not have a metal disc, capable of being read by a gramophone, this retro musical object will however bring a chic and nostalgic touch to your home. A memory of the Belle Époque!

What if you welcome a gramophone into your home?

Radio, queen of vintage

Old radios have become the new fashionable accessory to decorate a kitchen, a bedroom, your living room! Luckily, radios from the last century are still readily available. You just have to find the frequencies of your favorite radios.

Walk the garage sale in search of the vintage radio of your dreams

Vinyl records, a magic sound

If vinyl records were abandoned in favor of CDs, they are coming back in force today. Retro collectibles that you frame, or listen to again. The sound emanating from a vinyl record is so singular that it will undoubtedly remind you of old and tender memories. Gently raise the record player's arm, conscientiously insert a 45 rpm record, gently place the diamond on the grooves and gradually hear the first notes of our old vinyl records sizzle. What could be more nostalgic and pleasant to realize again than these forgotten gestures which nevertheless formed part of our daily life?

Turntable and its magic

Integrate music into your decor

You bought a record player, a vintage radio, but do you remember that sometimes, the two were integrated into real furniture from the 60s? Furniture radios, most often made of wood, fit perfectly into a modern interior!

Vintage corner in the living room: vintage record player, radio cabinet, vintage camera and retro pharmacy jars

Resonate the jukeboxes

There are still a few left, scattered here and there, most often in burgers restaurants, in jazz clubs, among certain individuals who covet them for their own decoration - the jukebox is certainly the grail of the bargain hunters passionate about music. . The jukeboxes, these music boxes, which, in exchange for our small change, begin to sing the tunes of soundtracks of our favorite films or our favorite songs for our greatest pleasure.

Which song will you choose?


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