A Chinese-inspired girl's room

A Chinese-inspired girl's room

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For a Chinese-inspired children's room, we opt for a bucolic and flowery style to bring poetry to the room. Make way for an imaginary China where everything is only delicacy and sweetness of life. The children all have in mind the legend of Mulan and the beauty of the Chinese gardens and landscapes. For their decoration, we create a vegetable and bucolic room that will remind the cherry blossom garden of the young Chinese Mulan. We choose a wallpaper decorated with delicate little flowers, cushions and carpets with small stylized animals. We prefer the Chinese rabbit, because 2011 is placed under the sign of the rabbit, and that's good because children love the sweetness it evokes. And the girls will appreciate the paintings of little Chinese girls found at Mandellia. In terms of colors, we turn to pastel tones that are both soft and soothing to give the room a Zen and refreshing look. Finally, prefer light wooden furniture and opt for a bed low enough to recall the oriental beds. Discover our selection for a Chinese-inspired girl's room:


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