Patchworks for winter decoration

Patchworks for winter decoration

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Patchwork, if used in home textiles, is today a source of inspiration for other decorative elements such as furniture for example. A quick overview of patchworks for this winter… The patchwork originally had a practical use. Indeed theassembly of different small pieces of fabric used to reuse unusable textiles. This motif reached its peak in the 19th century during American immigration. Today, patchwork is constantly reinventing itself in the home. It is mainly found on household linen and particularly bed linen . Quilts, quilts, comforters, blankets, patchwork goes so well on our bed ... Among the brands that offer patchwork patterns on bed linen, we think for example of Alinéa, or even Ikea which markets them specially for the Christmas period. Many cushions also feature patchwork patterns like the Patch cushion at Conforama. But the patchwork, if it evokes tradition and family, is also taken up by designers . The Pompadour armchair at Gilles Nouailhac is an example of this return to patchwork but in a elegant and refined spirit. Another example, Moroso, who publishes a sofa with patchwork patterns but in a much more contemporary spirit , with cheerful almost childish colors like pink and blue. Here is a selection of objects with patchwork patterns to find your style!


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