True or false parquet?

True or false parquet?

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Attached to keeping an authentic spirit to our floors, we often turn to parquet for its warmth and comfort. But on the price side, it can get stuck! So we can opt for fake parquet! Because today PVC floor coverings imitate solid parquet so well that it is sometimes very difficult to differentiate true from false. Have fun trying to distinguish in the visuals below the real floors from the fake ones, you will see that you will have surprises. Manufacturers of PVC floors continue to innovate with false parquet floors that take up not only the appearance and color of the wood, but also its veins. The planks are drawn on the ground as with an old parquet floor and all the shades of oak are represented: patinated, hazelnut, bleached, for an authentic style, as if the planks bore the marks of passing time. True or false parquet, all the answers in our slideshow!


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