How to choose my switches?

How to choose my switches?

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Choosing the right switch can be complicated when you do not know the current scope of the offer. Antony Rex, Residential Marketing Manager at Arnould, helps us to see more clearly.

What is the first step to follow when choosing switches?

You must first make sure that your electrical installation meets the regulations in force, that is to say the NF C15-100 standard. This requires a minimum number of sockets in each room to avoid having an undersized installation. This standard also takes into account the concept of accessibility for people with disabilities. For example, switches should be placed at a maximum height of 1.30 meters.

What different types of switches are there on the market?

First there is the simple switch, which controls a single light point. Then, in a corridor, for example, or in a room with an entrance and an exit, we use a back-and-forth, whose switches control a single light point. Finally, when there are more than two control points in a room for the same light point, push buttons are installed, which are connected to a remote control switch.

There is also a new generation of switches, with digital control, this time…

Yes. These digital controls work in low voltage, and regardless of the number of control points. They can take the form of a switch with a traditional look or a mini touch screen. They work by sending a digital signal to the home automation system. We can create different light atmospheres. This system also allows you to manage the light remotely, for example via your mobile phone. At this level, we are in home automation.

What are the different aesthetics of switches offered today?

First there are the simple plastic square switches. It's the bulk of the market. A few years ago, the control buttons were much smaller. We switched to larger switches to make them more accessible and to be able, for example, to activate them with the elbow when our arms are loaded. There is also a growing offer of color switches to accompany the decor trend. At Arnould, we offer around 50 different colors. In the same trend, "materials" switches have developed. They are found in slate, marble, metal, wood, glass, but also in leather and corian. Finally, on the top of the range, there is custom-made equipment, where the customer chooses his own design, the material and the type of order. Plexiglass is very popular because it lets you see a nice wallpaper underneath, for example. At Arnould, we are launching two high-end novelties: a model with Swarovski crystals and an extra flat metal model, very refined.

What are the most significant developments in terms of switches today?

In addition to the development of materials and made-to-measure, the trend is towards complete ranges of equipment, where all products have the same aesthetic: low and high current sockets, telephone sockets, heating control, housing alarm, motion detectors, shutter control, etc. We also see backlit switches appear, practical at night but also very attractive. The other development is the integration of all controls into a single switch which becomes a real control platform. To know more :


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