5 ideas around the ceiling, the 5th wall

5 ideas around the ceiling, the 5th wall

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Look up. Like many of us, your ceiling is white. It is so neutral that you don't even pay attention to it anymore. How about we fix it? Notice to all those who have forgotten this 5th wall, we are revealing all our ideas to make your ceiling a new field of expression! Paint and wallpaper, colored or patterned, in concrete or wood or simply accessorized with frames or plants… What decorative idea will you fall for to twist your ceiling?

1. Colorful ceilings

© Ikea By conformism, the ceiling is often smooth and white. We leave it to forget it. However, dressed and colorful, the ceiling can structure the space and spice up the volumes. Of course, we avoid the total look with the same color from floor to ceiling. The idea is to analyze the ceiling height, the brightness and the space of your room to choose a suitable ceiling color. Indeed, if your room is small and not very bright, we do not recommend using a dark shade. Because, if white is the most used color for the 5th wall, it is good because the light shades visually enlarge the space. However, nothing prevents you from using soft and pastel tones to enhance your ceiling.

© Photo Luxens via Leroy Merlin Conversely, if you have a high ceiling height (like in a loft or a Haussmann apartment), you can fall for a dark and more intense color. We think for example of black, royal blue or plum which will give character to any interior. The right idea? To play with the volumes of your room, consider painting your ceiling as well as performing a paint return on the top of the wall. This will have the effect of creating a cozy and warm corner.

© Int2architecture For an even more atypical rendering, how about using the ceiling to delimit a space? Painting then serves as an imaginary separation and upsets architectural codes. In practice, this can emphasize the kitchen area of ​​the dining area, the reading area of ​​a living room, the beauty area or the office of a bedroom… In the same way, you can create an alcove and paint the walls and the ceiling of this corner, of the same color. A room in a room? We say yes! Finally, ceiling paint can also be used to highlight a detail, highlight a corner of the room or a structural element of your interior. Among them, we think of moldings, exposed beams or even the sloping ceiling ...

2. Patterned ceilings

© Terris Lightfoot Contracting - Kelly Deck Design If the paint is not original enough for your taste, wallpaper is the perfect alternative to bring your ceiling to life. That's good, the wallpaper is back in force, it inspires creators around the world and thus offers many possibilities of style. Choose floral patterns if you like the country style, choose graphic prints for a more modern and Scandinavian look and fall for a poetic model in the child's room. Do you dream of an old farm type interior? You can even choose an imitation wood model to warm your interior. Since patterns and prints abound, you are spoiled for choice! Again, avoid the total look and leave the adjacent walls neutral so you don't feel like you are being oppressed. The good news ? The wallpaper can camouflage some irregularities that the paint cannot avoid ...

3. Gross ceilings

© Int2architecture If you are lucky enough to have an original ceiling, highlight it! In lofts, for example, the trend is towards rough formwork ceilings and very often, concrete is king. The pipes are not camouflaged, on the contrary, they are exposed and play hide-and-seek with the metal suspensions. And whether we like it or not, concrete is ideal for the ceiling of industrial interiors.

© Leroy Merlin We used to talk about imitation wood wallpaper. If it is a great idea to give volume to the ceiling, the real wooden structures are even more striking. Whether paneling, exposed beams or even thin strips of wood (like this inspiration), wooded ceilings are a guarantee of authenticity for lovers of rustic atmospheres. As for the moldings, we have not found more elegant for the most classic interiors.

4. Decorated ceilings

© Leroy Merlin You like all the decorative ideas that we just mentioned. Yes, but you do not see yourself undertaking any work. Do not panic, there are still some simple and effective tips to make your ceiling a new playground. On the program: we take the height and we break free from the codes. Thus, the ceiling is accessorized with unexpected decorative objects. The carpets leave the floor and invest in the sloping ceilings, the frames free the walls to make their way around a light suspension. Even plants do it! With the development of the vegetable trend, plants hang and dress in macramé in bohemian interiors.

© Int2architecture Finally, the easiest way to enhance a ceiling is to use lighting. Accumulate several suspensions of various sizes above the dining table, create a profusion of filament bulb in a corner of the room or let the cables hang to attract all eyes. You understand, the goal is to have fun with the prospects.


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