World cuisine at home

World cuisine at home

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Each country has its own culinary particularity that you can taste at home provided you have the utensils suitable for the preparation of these international dishes. Discover our world tour of the kitchen and its accessories!


No need to go to a Chinese restaurant to taste spring rolls or Cantonese rice. At home, use a wok to make the dishes and serve in small bowls in the traditional way. Of course, offer chopsticks as cutlery and Chinese spoons for more liquid soups and dishes.


In Japan, sushi is king! To taste them there are many sushi sets that offer plate-trays where to place the maki and other California rolls. You can also serve it all on large wooden trays to put on a coffee table. If you have none of this, know that rectangular plates will do just as well.


Among the essential flavors of the Maghreb, tajines are the favorites. At home, all you need is a tagine dish, with a conical lid, to set the tone. Traditionally, we eat the tagine directly in the dish and present the best pieces to the guests.


The paella evokes the sun and conviviality. It is an ideal dish to make when you receive a lot of people. A unique dish, paella offers both meat and side dishes. This specialty takes its name from the two-handle pan in which it is prepared. There are all sizes to vary the proportions.


Italy has a very rich gastronomy. Besides in France we consume a lot of pasta and pizza, Italian specialties par excellence. For pasta, nothing beats a deep dish, even a bowl. There are some that are decorated with many varieties of pasta: ravioli, penne, gnocchi. And for pizzas, place the round plates directly on the table where everyone will serve for a family spirit. Discover our selection of world kitchen accessories:


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