Ideas for a children's room with a mixed style… Get inspired!

Ideas for a children's room with a mixed style… Get inspired!

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Don't want to make a room decorated according to the gender of your children? (Who knows, in a few years, the little sister will take the room of the big brother and all the decor would have to be done again!) And even if this is not the case, you are one of those who are not fans of the essential pink for girls and blue for boys… So don't worry, it's not because your little one doesn't have a princess sticker on the walls and your big one doesn't have a "car" bed "they will find" too bad "the decor of their room. For a mixed children's room , opt for neutral but cheerful colors , like anise green, yellow or orange for example. Obviously, pink and blue are not to be banished: it is if these colors are used too often that they remind us of these old stereotypes ... But a light blue light for a little girl is so pretty , and a big rug with tiny fuchsia pink flowers for a boy, it's just as cute. For an original decoration , choose one wallpaper with childish designs sufficiently stylish only hang on a wall or if the wallpaper is really loaded, use only one strip. Match decorative items like carpets, lights or a toy box with the colors of the wallpaper. A high or half-high bed will allow them to imagine a small cabin below, where they can store their stuffed animals and other toys! The little ones like to have their own space. So use a sticker with their name to make their room truly personalized… Now,get inspired! And to give you even more ideas:

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