Decorative atmospheres for the nursery

Decorative atmospheres for the nursery

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We like to decorate baby's room with care, and that's a good thing because the goal is to make him feel good in this room where he will sleep and play, where he will grow. After paying particular attention to hygiene and safety, we start the decoration by opting for a romantic or invigorating style. It's up to us… The "Bonpoint" style became a school and the gently romantic universe that the brand has developed can now be found in a number of major brands. Powdery colors like pink, gray or taupe, bed veils on cradles or light or even white rattan or wooden bassinet, these are the codes that you will have to use if you want to create an atmosphere while sweetness. Conversely, you can opt for a more toned style , however, be careful with the choice of colors: colors that are too strong can disturb baby's sleep. To banish red, but you can bring in anise green or raspberry in small touches. Finally, you can display a more design universe , with a choice of muted colors such as dark gray or eggplant and vintage furniture (at Serendipity for example). And if you run out of ideas, discover our baby room atmospheres to inspire you!


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