Which faucet for the bathroom?

Which faucet for the bathroom?

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If for you, choosing a faucet does not flow naturally, follow our advice and take inspiration from our selection to find the one that will set the right tone for your bathroom. And for those who would like to deepen their knowledge in this area, don't forget the IdéoBain fair, from February 9 to 14, 2010 at Porte de Versailles.

Style fittings

As with any decorating project, be sure to create harmony between the various elements of your bathroom. So choose your faucet according to the style of your room. For a simple and sober result, there are classic all-purpose models. For contemporary spaces, you will find designer taps, with clean lines, of cylindrical, square shape, or equipped with a spout for a "waterfall" effect. Finally, for retro interiors, the traditional two-headed taps make resistance in our bathrooms and give a little sixty air to our decor.

Which controls for which form of tap?

Then determine the type of valve control that will best suit your needs. From a functional point of view, the mixers are the most practical. They are operated with one hand and the mixing of hot and cold water takes place quickly. Even more efficient and modern, thermostatic mixers allow you to adjust the temperature to the desired level. Mixers bring authentic style to the bathroom, but are not the easiest to use. Equipped with two separate water controls, it is necessary to find the happy medium between hot and cold to obtain the expected temperature.

NF standards, a guarantee of quality for your taps

Little tip to be sure of the quality of your future tap: check that it is NF certified. The quality of its coating, its interchangeability, its flow, its acoustic qualities and the durability of its installation will be scrutinized in particular. NF EN 200 for mixers NF EN 817 for mixers NF EN 1111 for thermostatic mixers

Price side bathroom faucets

Budget side, count on average 150 euros for a classic tap. The prices of modern models can be higher, especially for those equipped with a waterfall effect spout. Below is a list of good addresses: Fantini Grohe Horus PF Taps


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