Cable covers for flat screen

Cable covers for flat screen

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Tired of the unsightly cables hanging behind your flat screen? To hide them and avoid the "spaghetti effect", think of the cable covers!

Adaptable system

You will find very practical systems of columns of variable sizes which will adapt to the configuration of your equipment. It will be enough to fix them in the continuity of the support of your flat screen. Generally, a screwdriver will do the trick to mount these cable covers.

Vogel's solution

Vogel's , the expert in support and furniture for audio video equipment, offers for example very simple systems to be assembled in 3 steps, with a color assembly guide. To secure the support, remember that everything will depend on the seat height. Your eyes have to come halfway up the screen.

The price of cable covers

Count a hundred euros for a support of 64 cm in height. On the shopping side, you will find cable covers in specialized supermarkets, on the Internet and at all the usual audio video dealers.

Combined systems

Finally, be aware that some cable covers are also designed with a support for audio video equipment. These are two bars which are fixed in the cable cover column allowing the equipment to be removed.