Effix Design, a new very creative mortar

Effix Design, a new very creative mortar

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Ciments Calcia has developed a new mortar dedicated to interior and exterior decoration and design, Effix Design. Ready to use, it has many applications in the manufacture of objects and furniture.

What is the Effix Design creative mortar?

In recent years, concrete has won acclaim to become a very trendy material in decoration. It is popular with designers but also individuals looking for an urban and / or industrial spirit for their interior. Ciments Calcia is riding this wave and has developed a creative binder, marketed since June 2008. This new ultra-high performance mortar (MUHP in the jargon of cement workers) is on the one hand very resistant thanks to the glass fibers it contains. On the other hand, it is very easy to work: it folds, forms, smoothes or takes the imprint of any medium, even the most delicate. Effix Design is sold in 25 kg bags. Just add a precise dosage of water (2.75 L for 25 kg) and mix everything with the mixer to get 12 L of a mortar ready to bend to all your creative desires.

The technical advantages of Effix Design creative mortar

Being very fluid, self-smoothing and malleable, it follows the slightest shape and the slightest relief. If it is poured into a wooden mold, it takes the imprint of the bark. If you place a leaf in the bottom of a mold, it takes the imprint of all the ribs. But you can also get a very smooth appearance, almost like Corian, by pouring it into a silicone mold. Effix Design is very fine, without air bubbles and not very porous, which does not prevent to avoid cleaning it with aggressive products.

The colors of Effix Design

It is offered in two neutral colors: ivory and cloud. But it is pigmented from any mineral pigment.

Applications of the Effix Design creative mortar

We can make furniture for indoor or outdoor, objects like vases, planters, worktops, bathtubs, sinks, public benches etc. However, unlike conventional concrete, it is not suitable for structural elements such as walls, for example.

Effix Design appeals to designers

Many designers have tested Effix Design and adopted it. The collective of designers Blackmamouth imagined a "tree-at-table", a support which is fixed around a tree trunk and serves as a bench or console. Patrick Le Ray uses it to make furniture and decorative items, such as a classic-looking concrete fireplace, and converted his brother sculptor. Jean-Eudes Massiou, cabinetmaker, imagined coffee tables for the house and for the garden as well as very design lamps with different combinations of relief, sanding and waxing. Ana Laura Basurto-Saenz has created a large hammock-style chaise longue for two people. Coloco has designed giant planters for the new Parisian cultural center, 104 etc.

Where can you buy the Effix Design creative mortar?

For the moment, it is only marketed at "Moderne Method", in Saint-Soupplets, in Seine-et-Marne (77), a company specialized in innovative solutions for concrete (special concretes, dies, molds, finishing tools, training…). Modern Method delivers throughout France.

To know more :

www.ciments-calcia.fr www.moderne-methode.com


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