The warm kitchen of Bree Van de Kamp of Desperate Housewives

The warm kitchen of Bree Van de Kamp of Desperate Housewives

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Meticulous and perfectionist to the end of her nails, Bree approaches the perfect woman ... in appearance! Attentive wife and loving mother, the most red-haired Desperate Housewives, slightly psychorigid on the edges, ends up exploding the family unit by dint of perfect attitude! Imprisoned in a straitjacket of good manners and "what will we say", Bree remains frozen in his obsolete and conventional lifestyle. But with its little matching cardigans and its pearl rows very "good chic good genre", Bree can have good sides which are particularly appreciable. Her cooking skills benefit all of Wisteria Lane who feasts on her packed lunches or her “starter, main course, cheese and dessert” dinners!

What make you want to borrow a few things to become yourself an accomplished cook!

Equip yourself with the essential utensils that will accompany the making of good little dishes. A scale to weigh your food, a recipe book holder so as not to lose a line or even spice jars to store your berries are a start… On the design side, prefer vintage accessories very "50s". And you're in luck, vintage is on the rise! Finally, Bree's cuisine is above all a family home cooking, don't forget to give it your personal touch and make it a warm and friendly place to live, as Bree likes!