Andrea purifies the air with plants

Andrea purifies the air with plants

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Disarming observation: the air we breathe in our interiors is 5 to 10 times more polluted than the outside air. Suddenly Mathieu Lehanneur, who has been working on air purification systems for plants for 2 years, with David Edward has developed a real green lung for the house. Formaldehyde (or methanal) is one of the most common pollutants inside our homes. Its particles are exhaled by glues and plastics. Fortunately, nature comes to our aid with Andrea, an indoor air purifier ... The principle: the air is filtered by the leaves, then by the roots of the plant contained in the design capsule. The system is optimal for a 40m2 room. And the good news is that the most effective plants in terms of air pollution are also the most common such as Aloe Vera, Spathiphyllum or moon flower, Dracaena marginita or Dragon tree which only requires very low maintenance and finally Chlorophytum comosum (or spider plant) which reproduces very easily. Published by the Laboratory, Andrea is on sale from October 8, 2009 at Nature & Découvertes, Monceau Fleurs, Galeries Lafayette, BHV, Colette and Le Laboshop. 149 euros


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