Ikea catalog: prices are falling further in Belgium

Ikea catalog: prices are falling further in Belgium

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If there are two words that have trouble entering the vocabulary of the Swedish giant Ikea, they are those of economic crisis and falling prices. While waiting for its release in September, the company's officials are announcing a price reduction of up to 50% on certain products in Belgium. The continual fall in prices from one year to the next is a course of action for the Nordic giant since, as the Belgian news site recalls, a table sold for 12 euros in 2000 is today today sold 4.99 euros. However, these price variations do not seem to be legion for all countries. Indeed, according to a study carried out recently by the observation group Euro-info consumers, it would seem that Ikea prices are for example higher in France than in Germany: information which could well encourage the Swedish firm to review some prices down. For the most impatient of us who are waiting to discover the trends of this new year, go to the Belgian site of the firm which keeps a countdown to the paper output of the new Bible ready to decorate. > More info on:> Find the article from


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