I made a wall composition with 10 small Ikea frames

I made a wall composition with 10 small Ikea frames

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Here is a simple but very elegant decoration with square Malma Ikea mirrors. BJ explains to us: "To carry out my personal decoration I used 10 Malma mirrors (26 cm side) found at Ikea for 1.99 euros each, a little paint and an idea for the motif." All for an inexpensive result but has a small effect in the living room. "To create the structure and the layout of the drawing, I used Photoshop but if you are gifted you can also do it by a show of hands. I painted the ten Malma mirrors in white. I left a gap of 2 cm between the frames and using a pencil I transferred the floral design and painted in gray (leftover paint from the gray used for my walls). And here is how with 20 euros and funds of pots paintings I created an original decoration in my living room. Translated from English from Ikeahacker.


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