Ikea furniture assembly plans - from S to U

Ikea furniture assembly plans - from S to U

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We have listed the Ikea assembly plans to download from the website of the Swedish furniture manufacturer. If a link turns out to be broken, mention it in the comments at the bottom of the article.

IKEA furniture and objects starting with the letter S

SALVIA Pedestal for plants 190x70 cm
SANDNES Shoe storage 4 compartments 96x90 cm
SANDNES Shoe storage 4 compartments 69x1165 cm
SILJAN Mirror cabinet)
SKIRÖ Coffee table 100x100 cm
SKRUVSTA Swivel chair
SMILLA SOL Ceiling lamp
SNIGLAR Changing table 72x53 cm
SNIGLAR Wardrobe 60x170 cm
SNILLE Office chair
SOLSTA convertible 2 places
SONNE Storage 54x38 cm
STÅLIS Venetian blind
STIBY Cabinet with panel + 4 shelves
STOCKVIK Chrome-plated mixer tap
STOLMEN Shoe storage
STOLMEN Storage mirror
STOLMEN Aluminum fittings 6 pieces
STOLMEN Loft bed 140x200 cm
STOLMEN Chest of 2 drawers 110x50 cm
STRANDA Fir wardrobe
SULTAN ASKIM Mattress support 140x200 cm
SULTAN Alsarp 140x200 cm
SULTAN LAXEBY Slatted bed base 140X200 cm
SULTAN LILLAKER Slatted bed base
SULTAN LOVENE Slatted bed base
SULTAN SANDANE Spring base 105 cm
SUMMERA Trolley with hanging files
SUNDSVIK Mixer tap + shower head
SVALA Table + 2 children's chairs
SVALÖV Coffee table
SVIND TV stand

IKEA furniture and objects starting with the letter T

TERMOSFÄR 5 spot system
TINGVOLL Bed frame 140x200 cm
TJUSIG Hat shelf
TOBO TV bench 170X50 cm
TOBO TV bench 114X50 cm
TONAL Wall lamp
TORBJON Swivel chair
TORSBY Buffet 150x74
TOVIK Mezzanine structure 140x200 cm
TRÄBY Bookcase 80x80 cm
TROFAST Changing table top
TROFAST Structure 44x30x91 cm
TROFAST Structure 94x91x44 cm
TROFAST Structure 100x94x44 cm
TROFAST Structure 68x91 cm
TROFAST Structure 94x44x52 cm
TROFAST Extendable bed frame 80x200 cm
TROMSNES Divan 90x200 cm
TROMSÖ Loft bed 90x200 cm
TROMSÖ Loft bed frame 140x200 cm
TROMSÖ Bunk beds 90 / 140x200 ARG
TROMSÖ Bunk bed frame 90x200 cm
TROMSÖ Tray and shelf
TRONDHEIM 4-drawer chest
TRONDHEIM Bed 140x200 cm
TRONDHEIM Bedside table 58x38 cm
TRONES Shoe cabinet 51x39 cm
TUPPLUR Roller blind 80X195 cm
TYLÖSAND Three-seat sofa frame
TYLÖSAND 2-seat sofa with 1 armrest (657 KB)
TYLÖSAND Convertible structure 3 places
TYLÖSAND Meridian structure

IKEA furniture and objects starting with the letter U

UDDEN Cabinet
UDDEN Sink 1 bowl 126x90 cm
UTBY Table 120x60x105 cm
UTBY Structure 75x75x105 cm in steel