The glasses of our favorite drinks for the summer

The glasses of our favorite drinks for the summer

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Some drinks are cult, it was therefore natural to create special glasses to taste them! This summer to cool off or around an aperitif, nothing like sparkling water, soda, beer * or pastis *. For the service, treat yourself to the decorative glasses with the image of each of these drinks. After the famous Perrier glasses by designer Martin Székély, Luminarc offers a fresh and tart version for a Perrier more sparkling than ever (8.90 euros for 3, Luminarc). Choose the Coca-Cola glasses for an American style refreshment (5.80 euros for 3, Luminarc), Guinness * glasses for an English pub atmosphere (5.40 euros for 2, Luminarc) and finally the Pool glass for 51 * (25 euros for a set of 2 with bottle, 51 *) for an aperitif at the water's edge. What quench your thirst! > More info on and * Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health, consume with moderation


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