Fermob, colorful garden furniture to enjoy the summer

Fermob, colorful garden furniture to enjoy the summer

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From the first rays of the sun, enjoy your garden and welcome your guests with colorful furniture.FERMOB, French designer and manufacturer of garden furniture, offers a range of iron furniture available in 24 colors. All you have to do is choose your ambiance:

1900 Collection

Transport your garden to the Belle Époque with poetic furniture while scrolls and wrought iron. For a romantic atmosphere choose the 1900 peony pink bench (339 euros) as well as the hanging armchair (268 euros) to bask in the shade of a tree.

Luxembourg Collection

To enjoy the sun, opt for Luxembourg furniture inspired by the famous Parisian park. Adults will choose the low turquoise chair (399 euros) and children will find the Luxembourg chair specially for their size (89 euros). For each child chair purchased, Fermob donates 1 euro to the association "les blouses roses" which supports hospitalized children.

Bridge Dune Collection

The Bridge Dune armchair has been very successful for a decade now. Fermob is renewing it this year with a new design with more assertive lines (155 euros). The Bridge Flower armchair (199 euros) is signed by the young Austrian designer Harald Guggenbichler with a work of iron, wire and games of perforations. >

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