Bring New York home!

Bring New York home!

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No need to travel to admire buildings and skyscrapers: New York invites you home! For those who are fascinated by Big Apple, transform your interior into a real Manhattan. The ELECTROMENAGER Refrigerator and dishwasher are adorned with magnets of New York's best views. You can choose between the famous Brooklyn Bridge or views of the countless buildings on the island (59.90 euros, Mandellia). THE WALLS Post on your walls the most famous New York buildings: a poster of the Flatiron, in the shape of an iron, which was the tallest skyscraper in Manhattan when it was completed in 1902 (14.90 euros, Allposters). More original, treat yourself on a stretched canvas to the Empire State Building, the tallest in New York, or the Twin Towers that are no longer there (139 euros, Kipeuk). ITEMS For accessories, you will find at Teo Jasmin a "Skyline" lampshade (59 euros), Big Apple cushions (38 euros) or chairs decorated with digital prints (607 euros). THE STICKERS As for stickers, the New York skyline is available as a mirror sticker (39 euros, Mandellia), in any color (33 euros, Mandellia) or in night view (39 euros, Mandellia). Finally, measure yourself against the Empire State Building height chart at Domestic (53 euros).


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