10 ideas for a marine decor in the bathroom

10 ideas for a marine decor in the bathroom

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The cry of the seagulls, the sea air, the sea trips… all that makes you want? So recreate a marine bathroom at home, for a taste of vacation ... Here are 10 ideas for a marine bathroom: The colors: blue and white Adopt the colors of the sea and the boats! Blue and white immediately give the room a sea air. Materials used on boats Brass, wood, bronze are materials used on boats. Choose them in the choice of your bathroom decor. Accessories inspired by the maritime world Find accessories such as a steering wheel, a porthole or an anchor diverted into objects of daily use. Objects picked up on the beaches In terms of decoration, have small objects that you could have picked up on a beach: shells, driftwood objects, corals… Stickers inspired by the sea You have an endless choice of stickers ... Fish, shells, algae ... all the marine flora and fauna can be stuck on the walls of your bathroom! Rot-proof wooden furniture The boats are fitted with furniture whose wood does not rot and is water resistant. To do the same in your bathroom, choose rot-proof wood such as teak, mahogany or even oak. Space-saving and functional furniture In a boat, space is reduced and optimized. To do the same in your bathroom, choose multifunctional and small furniture. Duckboards The marine grating is a wooden or metal trellis used as a floor. Choose a wooden grating and put it in front of the shower or the bathtub. Also think of bathroom accessories in gratings like a soap dish for example… Brass or chrome fixtures To find the atmosphere of a boat cabin, get brass or chrome lights, you will find them as a table lamp but also as wall or ceiling lights. Porthole-shaped mirrors To complete the marine world of your bathroom, don't forget the porthole-shaped mirror, often made of brass.


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