A new phosphorescent varnish for children's rooms

A new phosphorescent varnish for children's rooms

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Brand new, the phosphorescent varnish from V33 makes it possible to create luminous decorations and to personalize the children's room. This is a clever varnish that can decorate children's rooms and also reassure them with its night light side. It is the Idéco® phosphorescent varnish that stores daylight and restores it at night for half an hour. It can be applied to paint, cement or tiles (with the exception of oiled or waxed wood). The decor idea is to use it with a stencil on the floor or on the walls to create the shapes you want. The lighter the shade on which it is applied, the better the phosphorescent effect will be rendered. Simple to apply with its fast and resistant drying, its maintenance is also easy since the varnish is waterproof and washable. And if you get bored, it disappears with a stroke of paint. The ecological "plus" : the ecological Idéco® varnish has received the European Ecolabel, which guarantees a high level of performance and a low solvent content. So it is really recommended for children's room! Idéco® phosphorescent varnish from V33, 0.5 ml, 17.90 euros. Until March 1, 2010, a sticker of your choice offered for a pot of varnish purchased.


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