10 tips to decorate your Breton home

10 tips to decorate your Breton home

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In the Saint-Malo region, we meet the famous Malouinières, its imposing granite houses built during the time of corsairs and maritime commerce in the 18th century. Often surrounded by blue and pink hydrangeas, they have a certain charm both outside and inside. Recreate this maritime atmosphere at home with objects and trunks stolen from bric-a-brac in Brittany, old-fashioned fishing equipment and raw materials such as granite. Here are 10 decorating tips to get a decor that smells like spray!

Hang a decorative buoy

You can find one in a flea market and leave it in its juice simply fixed by a tip.

Bouquet of hydrangeas

Place a large bouquet of hydrangeas in a wicker basket or in a stoneware vase. The flowers will dry, but will retain their charm and all their color.

Stack trunks

It is a beautiful object and an invitation to travel. You will find old ones in the Breton flea markets as reissues.

Marine objects

Find lamps, boat portholes in nautical stores. They are often made of brass and are solid.

Beach pebbles

Pick up pebbles on the beach and place them on a piece of furniture like a still life. Sand, everything you find during your walks can be the subject of a composition that will vary according to your moods and the seasons.


Think of driftwood, mirrors, frames or candle holders, the choice is great. You can find these objects on the local market during a stay in Brittany.

Shellfish and crustaceans

Decorate your table with candles in the shape of shells, fish or corals and your guests will be charmed! And dress it with Breton earthenware dishes.

Ship models

Arrange wooden or metal boats, wooden birds on a console or on your shelves.

Granite and black shale

Think of granite, black shale: preferred materials in Brittany. You can create the illusion with wallpaper or tiling to mix with wooden cladding like boat cabins.

Blue shutters

To match the color of the hydrangeas, paint the woodwork and exterior shutters with blue or purple paint.

Passion for the sea

Collect faded oars, flags, landing nets, all fishing gear.


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