These bulky travel memories ...

These bulky travel memories ...

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How to prevent the objects brought back from your holidays abroad from losing their meaning when you return? How to best harmonize them with your interior? Holiday shopping begins before departure…

Watch out for bargaining fever

The more successful the holidays, the more they clutter our suitcases. Vases, fabrics and other trinkets gleaned during trips have the primary mission of extending the pleasure of a distant stay. There is also the pleasure of a good deal, for the traveler who targets destinationsi flattering his purchasing power. The sight of carpets half cheaper than at home or of lamps hardly more expensive than light bulbs in France always trigger a kind of jubilation: suddenly, one is rich! Difficult to resist this type of drunkenness and to moderate. Especially since on the spot, in this bewitching soukh or this authentic village, the coveted object takes on a unique relief. Merchant fever, which multiplies purchasing possibilities in a few minutes, further accelerates the risk of paying the tax for excess baggage.

Far from its roots, an object is devitalized

Once you return home, what becomes of these precious memories of Mali or Vietnam? Unpacked with enthusiasm and tenderness, they are first put away, "pending". Because our houses are often full like eggs! Where are we going to be able to put this superb kilim, when the living room already has enough rugs or carpets? Where to place this superb jar, when you have no garden or terrace? Cased in the entry, the object which was majestic in its context becomes quite bulky. And as the memory of the trip fades, erased by the reality of everyday life, the object from the sun and the holidays loses its magic. Far from its roots, it is devitalized.

Precautions to take before leaving

How do you keep memories of your travels from cluttering you up? You will avoid disappointment by anticipating your purchases before the trip. Take inventory of what you really lack, and keep it in mind. If you plan to fall for a piece of furniture or any other bulky object, plan the space that would be dedicated to it, and take the measures. Ask yourself what style your interior has, and what type of object could fit into it or not. Once there, stick to your good resolutions. You will less easily fall into the "good deal" trap.

3 good anti-shopping strategies

Are you in spite of yourself tempted by this incredible tea service or this magnificent fabric that would make magnificent cushions? Stop your desires by asking yourself the 3 good questions: Do I already have the same thing at home? Do I really need it? Am I sure I will like it just as much in 6 months? And if the desire persists, postpone the purchase by going for a coffee, and only come back if the object continues to haunt you. How to give in to the pleasure of buying beautiful objects without cluttering up your home? One solution: offer them on return. To the satisfaction of shopping is added the pleasure of shopping that we would have done anyway. And to offer a truly original gift.


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