Adopt khaki green!

Adopt khaki green!

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We talked about it a little while ago in an article on the subject, khaki green is a trendy color that makes people talk about it at the front of the decor scene. Well, we are delighted to tell you that it continues to rise. More than ever, it displays its character and accommodates with many decorative styles: Nordic as vintage, industrial or bohemian! One thing is certain, he has not said his last word and he intends to convince you with this shopping selection all dressed in khaki…

Plain khaki cushion cover, Vivaraise

© Photo DESIGNECOLOGIST on Unsplash

Much more than a military color, khaki is an organic color since it is easily found in nature. Inevitably, it goes perfectly with natural materials and particularly highlights indoor plants and flowers. For this reason, it is often found in natural interiors: for an ethnic or bohemian decor, exotic or rustic! But that's not all, this character color can also be integrated into an industrial or more modern decor. And it is precisely this ease of adaptation that interests us so much. To try the khaki green at home, you can start by adopting it in a united way on decorative accessories like this cushion. Let it break free from your interior and you will see that as you go along, your collection of khaki decorative items will grow…

Khaki Casablanca rug, Winkler

© Winkler

When we told you that khaki green could be elegant… Here is the proof! In this most refined living room, we love this khaki carpet of Berber inspiration. Associated with shades of blue and green, the khaki carpet softens the deep colors of the sofa and the cushions: duck blue and emerald green. If it is defined as a casual color, the khaki can therefore decorate a room with delicacy! The trick to copy: for a look as chic as this living room, think of velvet cushions. Not only do they come back in force with the return of the Art Deco style but in addition these cushions offer a striking contrast with the other materials!

TV stand painted khaki metal, Tikamoon

© Tikamoon

We move up a gear by adopting khaki green on furniture! And not the least… It is a painted metal TV cabinet with urban accents. Its raw materials give it an industrial look reminiscent of the furniture of military barracks. Not to mention its facades in cotton canvas and its symbol of peace illustrated on the top of the furniture that make it so unique.You will understand, this khaki furniture will find its place perfectly in an atypical interior like a loft! Do you like the recovered spirit? In addition to this serving unit, complete your collection with old military lockers, a storage trunk or even signage plates. All you have to do is find flea markets to hunt around near you!

Khaki green bar stool, Drawer

© Drawer

We warned you, the khaki green fully invests in the world of decoration and intends to show what it is capable of. And even creators and designers fall for this nuance of character! We find it for example on the base of this Stork bar stool. Inspired by a profile drawing of an airplane wing, the designer imagined an overhead stool. We like the bi-material side which marvelously combines steel and solid wood for an ultra modern look. As for style, we imagine it perfectly in front of a bar to create a bistro spirit or in a kitchen to enjoy an aperitif with friends in a friendly atmosphere.

Khaki Pocahontas cushion, Pierimport

© Photo Timothy Buck on Unsplash - Pierimport

In ethnic interiors, persimmon is a great ally. And very often, it works wonders when combined with prints from elsewhere. Like this cushion whose pompoms and relief patterns refer to the Aztec culture. Remember to multiply the cushions to create a mix and match specific to the ethnic style! Our decoration tip: for a chic ethnic interior, combine khaki with light shades such as white, beige or light gray. Conversely, opt for warm colors like red, orange or even yellow for a more bohemian folk decoration.

Pouf in recycled khaki leather, Woood

© Woood

After the industrial, ethnic and bohemian style, khaki is playing vintage! And this time, he dresses this pouffe in recycled leather! In an entrance hall, it welcomes you with friendliness and allows you to put on your shoes with ease. In a living room, it can take place in front of your sofa. In the bedroom, it can be used as a bed end or installed near a dressing room. Whatever the room, you will always find it a useful utility! Khaki & mustard yellow: these are two colors that form a winning duo. And many interior decorators use them to bring vitality and elegance to a somewhat drab interior. By combining them in your decoration, you can be sure that your interior will not lack character!

Woody khaki floor lamp, Jolipa

© Photo Kari Shea on Unsplash - Jolipa

Here, the khaki is highlighted on a metal floor lamp. We fall for its architect design which is perfectly suited to light an office. But, it can also enhance a living room, a dining room or even a bedroom. And once again, the khaki proves its adaptability to us since this floor lamp can both integrate into a vintage, industrial or even Scandinavian interior! Most ? You can create different light effects depending on the time of day. Thanks to the unscrewable systems, adjust the height of the lampshades to create direct or subdued light! Finally, remember to direct the light towards your paintings and other wall decorations to enhance them.

Khaki Chamba carpet, Baobab

© Baobab

To complete this shopping list dedicated to khaki green, we offer you an artisanal rug. Woven and printed by hand using the block print technique (an ancestral technique of printing using wooden blocks), this rug gives pride of place to artisans of the world! With its khaki and plum patterns and fringes, it will be the centerpiece of your living room. Not to mention its delicate touch! Something to put everyone at your feet ... For an even more authentic interior, collect objects and handcrafted knickknacks: macrame pendant, pottery, woven baskets, wooden furniture ... Take your interior on a journey!


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