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Soft music with ethnic overtones, chirping of birds or croaking frogs, a peculiar smell that floats in the atmosphere. You are at Natures & Découvertes, a haven of peace in the heart of the largest shopping areas. From foundations to foundation At the start, there was the idea of ​​a man, François Lemarchand, former founder of the Pier Import brand, who, with his wife, decided to create a new style of store to put ecology within the reach of all. On November 13, 1990, the first Nature & Découvertes opened in Éragny, in the Yvelines (78). The turtle becomes the emblem of the new brand, for its image of longevity and its anchoring in the ground. The year 1994 saw the creation of the Nature & Découvertes Foundation, from the first profits recorded by the company. Therefore, 10% of the profits will be allocated each year to finance sustainable development and biodiversity protection projects. In fourteen years, almost five million euros have been donated. A wide variety of products In almost twenty years, Nature & Découvertes has grown into a chain of 65 stores with nearly 970 employees in France and Belgium. The shops offer a wide variety of products, ranging from organic gardening to hiking equipment, including scientific books on understanding nature, toys and games for learning and objects related to the art of living (perfumes of atmosphere, decorative objects, ecological habitat). An educational approach Nature & Découvertes is also continuing its educational and awareness-raising approach. Thus, all the stores offer, on Wednesdays and Saturdays, free thematic workshops for children from 7 years (which it is strongly advised to book!) And even organize nature outings at very affordable prices. The grown-ups are not forgotten, since Nature & Découvertes is very often a partner of major conferences around sustainable development and environmental protection. The company itself hosts its own events. At the forefront, we find the University of the Earth, an annual meeting involving major players in sustainable development, scientists, etc. Handcrafted in Colombia Among the decorative objects found at Nature & Découvertes, we can for example quote the fireside chair "Manali", composed of three cushions sewn by cooperatives of Indian women and which can in turn be transformed into a seat or a bed ( € 89 on Wood fans can also be tempted by the "Toca" maple alarm clock, designed by Iwasaki Kouji, and which hides a very discreet LED display (€ 129). Finally, for a garden or a slightly ethnic interior, you can opt for the hammock chair made by hand in Colombia and whose canvas is machine washable (€ 99).


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